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When Did Your Baby Crawl? – A New Parent’s Guide

Oh, what joy when you discover your baby reaching one milestone after another! From being a helpless little cutie, soon enough, you’ll see your child crawling. This is such an exciting thing for every parent for sure, to witness physical development in their baby.

Babies experience a sense of independence once they learn how to crawl. Before, the only means for them to go from one section of the room to another is when you carry them. But now, they can do it themselves by crawling. No wonder they enjoy mastering this skill more and more!

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When Does Your Baby’s First Step Happen

I’m sure you are quite eager to find out at what age your baby’s first step occurs. It’s something every parent is excited to see! From learning how to crawl, soon enough, your child will take that first step. So when exactly does this happen?

Hold your horses and let me tell you more about your baby’s first step and when exactly this will happen so you can start baby-proofing your home very soon!

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Baby Development: At What Age Will Your Baby Roll Over?

Like every new parent, you’re super excited to see the new achievements and milestones of your child. I bet you’ve been wondering when will your baby roll over right after learning about another kid her age who has recently reached this milestone.

But you see, there’s no definite age for kids to start rolling over. The age thing is not set in stone. Some kids roll over sooner, others do it at a later age. Truth is, there’s no such thing as late or early when it comes to babies learning how to roll over.

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Everything to Know About Your Baby’s Development from 5 Weeks Old Onward

Taking care of a baby is not all about the cute and sweet stuff. Because there are also times when we are confused as to why they’re acting that way or why their body is experiencing changes so fast. Confusion and curiosity are the most common feelings that parents go through during this stage of your 5-weeks- old baby development.

It’s important to know what happens during this stage so that we can take better care of our babies. Here, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this crucial time of your baby’s development stage.

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What Are The Best Activities For 6 Months Old Babies

Having a baby in your house is very enjoyable and fun to because aside from them being cute and adorable, they also relieve you of your stress. However, it’s very important that you know the proper way of dealing with them especially if they are 6-months-old because this is the time where they are transitioning from being a baby to a toddler.

With this, it makes perfect sense for you to interact with your baby and play games and do activities with them. And because we want to help you out, we’re going to show you the best activities for 6-months-old babies that will surely help them in their growth and development.

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