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7 Principles of Nutrition for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, nutrition plays an essential role in your health and your baby’s and thus healthy diet is more important than ever. Do you know why? Your body goes through many physical and hormonal changes. Therefore, as a woman, you need to know what to eat. Here we give you tips to make a better choice.

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What is Pregnancy- Safe Makeup and What to Avoid?

Do you love putting on makeup but your friends and family advise you to avoid it for now because you are pregnant? I understand how frustrating that feels especially when you love cosmetics, but we always want to prioritize our baby’s safety, right?

However, the advancement in technology and continued research in cosmetics have brought significant progress in terms of quality and features; thus, paving the way for newer brands of cosmetics that even pregnant women can safely use.

You might ask: “What is pregnancy safe makeup?” This article will introduce you to the different brands of pregnancy safe makeup and tips on what to avoid doing that may put the baby at risk.

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