When Does Your Baby’s First Step Happen

I’m sure you are quite eager to find out at what age your baby’s first step occurs. It’s something every parent is excited to see! From learning how to crawl, soon enough, your child will take that first step. So when exactly does this happen?

Hold your horses and let me tell you more about your baby’s first step and when exactly this will happen so you can start baby-proofing your home very soon!

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Baby Development: At What Age Will Your Baby Roll Over?

Like every new parent, you’re super excited to see the new achievements and milestones of your child. I bet you’ve been wondering when will your baby roll over right after learning about another kid her age who has recently reached this milestone.

But you see, there’s no definite age for kids to start rolling over. The age thing is not set in stone. Some kids roll over sooner, others do it at a later age. Truth is, there’s no such thing as late or early when it comes to babies learning how to roll over.

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Is Newborn Cough Normal and When Is It Time to Call the Doctor?

Many new parents probably notice that their newborn coughs a lot or at least occasionally. Is newborn cough normal at all? Or should you be worried and call your doctor right away?

It can get pretty concerning when your little one is showing some signs that you’re not used to, or at least it’s something you don’t consider as normal such as a cough or frequent sneezing. But at the same time, you need to distinguish the difference between a condition that requires medical attention and just a typical occurrence among babies that is not at all a cause of worry on your part.

Okay, back to coughing among newborns and babies… Is this normal?!

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How to Choose The Best Ovulation Predictor Kit for You

Are you feeling ready to become a mom?

When you feel that strong desire to take on mommyhood, the best ovulation predictor kit is worth your dollar. This is particularly true if you have an irregular period, and it’s tough to predict the perfect time to have sex with your partner.

How do you know when you are most fertile and when you are not? This is an important question to ask and find out when you are wanting to conceive. Generally, the right time is when you are ovulating, as your body is releasing eggs waiting to be fertilized by the lucky sperm.

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How to Tighten Skin After Pregnancy?

Mommy hood is a beautiful thing. There’s the magical feeling of bringing out into this world another life after carrying it in your tummy for several weeks and seeing that baby grow healthy each day.

But just like most moms, you’re probably wondering what to do with that loose skin after childbirth.

Is there a natural way to tighten your skin around the belly area, or are you stuck with it for life unless you go under the knife?

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