Practical Tips for New Parents on When To Give Their Newborn a Bath

Childbirth is over, and now comes the part new parents are all looking forward to: Showing your baby her wonderful room!

I’m sure you’re so excited to bring your newborn home!

And there are probably so many questions in your head, things involving your little one and how to care for her properly. One of these questions may be this: “When can I give my newborn a bath?”

If you’re wondering about the when and how of bathing your tiny bub, here’s a helpful post to get you moving in the right direction.

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How to Clean a Baby Bath Tub?

After giving your baby a bath, the next thing to do is to get that tub clean. But how do you do it?

It may seem like a tough ordeal but it’s not really as difficult as it may seem. In fact, you can get it done in no time.... And using gentle, safe cleaning tools. 

So if you’re a new mom in need of tips on how to clean a baby bath tub, or you simply want the best and safest way to get the job done, this post is for you.

Check out this guide and have an easy and stress-free bath tub cleaning experience today.

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Why Do I Have Dry Nipples During Early Pregnancy?

Do you experience dry nipples during early pregnancy? You’re not alone.

Most women during their first-trimester report having experienced dry nipples accompanied by some itching and sensitivity.

But what’s the real deal behind this occurrence? Is it normal or are you having some kind of odd symptom that’s a cause of alarm?

Let’s shed some light into this problem that a number of expecting moms go through and what can be done about it.

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What are the Features, Benefits, and Risks of a Hospital Grade Breast Pump?

For most moms out there who are in search of a breast pump, the choice can be a little bit overwhelming. There are so many options in stores and choosing the perfect one requires careful research. Perhaps you have heard of a hospital grade breast pump and wonder if it’s a great choice. Is it, really?

Here, we shed some light on what a hospital grade breast pump is, the features it offers, and any risk it may come with.

After reading this post, you will be more informed in making the best purchasing decision for your needs.

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