5 Benefits Of Board Games For Kids Under 7 Yrs and Recommended Products

Kids are naturally curious and playful creatures. As a parent, you want to make sure that their activities will benefit their development. And this is why you should carefully choose the games they play.

Board games are great activities for your little one. These do not only keep them entertained but they help improve their well-being, too.

Do you want to help enhance their vocabulary? Or what about number skills? Their color recognition, fine motor skills, and ability to organize things?

Yes, these are all possible to do by exposing them more to board games!

Here, we take a look at the 5 amazing benefits of board games for kids under 7 yrs. We also present to you the top board games for 4 year olds and their cool features. So let’s go ahead and get the ball rolling and pick out the perfect board game for your kiddo!


Benefits of Board Games for Kids Under 7 Yrs

In a world where technology rules, it is not uncommon to find kids as young as 4 holding a portable game console. Whatever happened to the good ol’ times when kids are playing classic board games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Chutes, and Ladders?

Parents who are looking to give their kids good, clean fun should expose their young ones to board games. In fact, here are some benefits you can expect from having your child play board games as a part of their daily routine.

1. Improve their math skills.

There are so many games out there that support a child’s numerical skills. These games encourage them to count, recognize numbers, and do basic arithmetic such as counting and subtracting.

2. Enhance critical thinking skills.

Certain board games encourage kids to think and come up with solutions to various situations. Problem-solving skills are developed, which they can apply in their daily life.

3. Achieve color recognition.

Young preschoolers exposed to board games that involve colors and patterns can learn a lot from these activities. They will be able to tell colors apart, which is also an important day to day skill.

4. Promote fine motor skills development.

Board games for 3 year olds that involve using their fingers help strengthen these muscles responsible for fine motor development. As these muscles become stronger, this allows kids to do better in activities such as writing, buttoning their jackets, tying their shoelaces, and the like.

5. Keep them focused.

It is essential to train young children to focus and concentrate, which are important skills they can use as adults. This is why we highly recommend board games that give them more opportunities to focus on. In a time where there are so many distractions all around, the ability to concentrate on one thing can impact their success in the future.

Top Board Games for 4 Years Olds and Preschoolers

With all of these impressive benefits of board games, let us have a look at these exciting games that your young one will surely love.

1. Hasbro Hi Ho! Cherry-O

Who could ever forget this classic board game? This is one of the best board games for 3 year olds and up, which involves numerous practical skills.

For instance, this game encourages counting, subtraction, and addition. As kids play this game, they will also learn math skills that are crucial to their overall development. Play it with the whole family as a great bonding time or as a counting game in school.

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2. ThinkFun Zingo Bingo Board Game

We are awed by the popularity of this game, which sold over 50 million worldwide! ThinkFun is an outstanding board game that includes cognitive, language and logical skills.

This is a great board game for young readers, as it helps build their matching and language skills. It is a fast-paced game but with clear and simple instructions, any kid can get on board quickly!

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3. Marble Run Maze Madness

Perfect for 4 years old and up, the Marble Run includes a total of 113 marble pieces. There are 4 marbles with LED lights and 25 made of glass. The goal is to build towers and let the marbles go in different directions - up, down, and round and round… Fast!

What’s great about this game is that it allows kids to create various models freely. There are different modes - easy, medium, and hard - to test their abilities and keep them challenged. This is a fantastic STEM game that promotes logical thinking, color and shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, and spatial imagination.

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4. Educational Insights Robot Face Race

If your child is fond of robots, this is a cool board game he should try. The Robot Face Race allows you to find matching robot heads among the numerous options. With 120 robot heads in total, this makes the game more challenging and loads of fun.

The game supports your child’s visual discrimination development by recognizing the correct colored facial features of the robot. We recommend this game for children 4 years old and over, and non-readers will surely enjoy this Robot Face Race, too!

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5. Apples to Apples Board Game

Young kids will have a ball playing this board game that lets them make crazy comparisons to enhance their creativity. There are 576 cards, which are all unique, that players can use. This is a fast-moving game that allows you to make a massive range of funny comparisons involving things, people, events, and people.

What’s great about this game is that you learn as you have fun. For instance, kids are able to expand their vocabulary and strengthen their cognitive skills. As a unique feature of this game, there’s the “table talk” that lets you justify to the judge the comparison you have come up with. It’s undeniably fun-filled!

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6. Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Board Game

Does your child love squirrels? I’m sure he’ll get hooked on this Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel board game that’s packed with entertainment. It’s one of the highly recommended board games for 4 years olds and even non-readers. The goal is to collect the most acorns to win the game. It’s that easy!

There are so many skills to learn in this game. It enhances your hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, strategic-thinking, and etiquette. This is the kind of game that helps kids learn the concept of waiting for their turn, which is an essential skill to have for sure.

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7. Monkeys Up Board Game

Put the fun in learning in the Monkeys Up game. It is a fast and entertaining game that involves a lot of flipping, stealing and switching monkeys around. This game is so exciting, even adults will go bananas while playing it!

In this board game, kids can learn color recognition, critical and strategic thinking. It also enhances creativity as each player comes up with a way to steal and flip the “best” monkey in the bunch. There is no doubt this game will be an instant hit for the whole family.

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8. Operation Electronic Board Game With Cards

Your child is never too young to be a doctor… Not in this game, at least. The Operation game lets your child play doctor and heal Cavity Same. It’s either the buzzer or make him feel better… And it’s a timed race that will get young doctors dashing to pick out the nasties in his body.

It may seem silly but this game actually teaches kids a lesson. They are able to solve problems and enhance their fine motor skills as they use tweezers to remove crazy ailment pieces.

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9. Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game

The idea of dealing with a labyrinth may seem tricky but this game is anything but dull. This labyrinth game is packed with excitement and pure, clean fun that will appeal to people of all ages. Great for kids under 7 years, as well as kids-at-heart, this is a game you would like to play over and over.

The goal is to get yourself out of the labyrinth using the shortest route possible. Reach your targets and collect as many treasures as you can as you find your way out of the maze. Sounds fun? It sure is!

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10. The World of Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have heard and read of The Very Hungry Caterpillar book. But this time, how about playing it? Yep, this game is just what’s perfect for Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar fans. The goal is to move 3D colorful caterpillars from one fruit to the next and collect a butterfly puzzle piece.

There are 5 puzzle pieces in total, and once you have collected each and build a lovely wing, you win! It’s a great game that encourages exploration, imaginative play, and color and shapes recognition among kids.

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11. Fabric Dart Board Game

Train your young one to be as precise as he can be with this dartboard game. But don’t worry, this is absolutely kid-friendly. The balls are not sharp at all, so there are no risks of injuries or damages to the wall.

Just like every dart game, it is all about accuracy. It enhances focus, math skills (from adding up the scores), and concentration to hit the target.

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12. GoSports Fun Giant 4 in a Row

Does this game ring a bell? And why wouldn’t it? It’s a childhood classic many of us have grown up playing as a kid! The objective of this game is to get 4 in a row of the same color. It’s actually pretty easy and even younger kids can play it.

Enhance your strategic skills with this game, so you can score and win. But other than that, it is a wholesome game played during camp, at the beach, and indoors.

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13. Juegoal Tumble Tower Blocks

Stack ‘em up and stop ‘em from falling… That’s pretty much the objective of this game. These blocks are made of wood, so these do not break or get scratched up. Just pull out a piece, one at a time, and then stack it up to the highest level. It gets tougher as it gets taller - but that’s the fun in this game!

There are so many skills to enhance by playing this game. For instance, it improves your balance, self-control, and eye-hand coordination. You can also improve your fine motor skills, which are essential when pulling out pieces and stacking them up.

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14. IQ BUILDER STEM Learning Toy

Last but not least, we have this wonderful STEM toy that is 100% educational and pure fun. This offers a way for kids to build their basic STEM skills while enhancing their cognition, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

What’s cool about this game is that it works for kids of all levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Plus, this toy is BPA-free and lead-free, so this is completely safe for young kids to use.

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Bottom Line

Board games for kids can surely offer hours of fun and entertainment to young learners.

Just be sure to check the age requirement for a game in question and check its safety features. It should be made of child-safe materials for every parent’s peace of mind.

We also highly recommended more preschool board games for your choice below

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