6 Unique First Birthday Gifts for Boys and Girls

So your tiny tot’s first birthday is coming right up… That’s great!

Pretty soon, your baby’s entering toddlerhood, and this is a very exciting milestone for every parent.

What better way to celebrate this upcoming event than to give him just the perfect first birthday gift all wrapped up in a shiny paper.

But the question is, what’s the best present to give your little bambino?

Here are clever suggestions for unique first birthday gifts for your bundle of joy or any soon-to-be-one-year-old kid to make this event super special!


What to Consider When Buying Unique First Birthday Gifts

For the most part, you need to make sure that the gift is age-appropriate. It is important that you check the specifications indicated in the package. Is it suitable for one-year-olds? Read the labels carefully before you pick up that cool toy.

Some toys have tiny parts in them that may come off, which can be a choking hazard. The last thing you want is to be responsible for an injury caused by an innocent adorable plaything. So, you have to inspect any potential risks present in that item before you pick it up.

Another thing is that it should offer benefits to your growing child. Will it help his gross motor or fine motor development? Is it educational, at least? Sure, you’re not raising a Little Einstein but it is great if the toy provides not just entertainment but some learning to your kid.

Lastly, consider the interest of your child. It should spark awe and wonder and interest, most importantly. Developmental toys that are fun and practical are your best bet at this point. If it’s textured, stimulating, and appeals to their tactile sensations, you’re on the right track, mom!

Let’s go ahead and check out these first birthday gifts that will give you some awesome ideas on what to pick up at the store.

Our Favorite Unique First Birthday Gifts

1. Plush Toy

This is a no-brainer when it comes to buying a first birthday gift. Kids love to cuddle, and your baby will definitely love having his very first plush toy for his big day.

But since we’re talking about “unique” gifts, you might want to think of a creature that’s out of the ordinary. Sure, bunnies and teddies are cute and cuddly and ultra-popular but what about something more… Out of the box?

There’s a narwhal, otherwise called the unicorn of the sea. Or you can give him a unicorn plush toy, platypus stuffed toy, and the like. Tell him a cool story about these animals, which could spark his imagination and make him realize that there’s a huge world out there. It’s so fun!

Our favorites right here:

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2. Custom Photo Book Art

Okay, so when we’re talking about a birthday gift for babies, it doesn’t always have to be a toy.

In fact, you can use the event itself as a way to make a fine keepsake for your baby. Take pictures of your baby from 0 - 11 months and compile them all up in an album.

A collage of these sweet photos makes an outstanding keepsake that will serve as a unique birthday gift. Well, it’s not exactly a toy to enjoy but this is without a doubt a sentimental present that he can keep and look back for years to come.

We LOVE these cool stuff:

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3. Plush Toy Vehicle

If you have a baby boy (or a baby girl) who seems to be fascinated with vehicles of all kinds would love receiving a plush version of these machines on wheels!

There are different plush toy models of various vehicles such as planes, helicopters, police cars, trucks, and so on. Just be sure that there are no small pieces that can easily be removed and that the fabric is non-toxic and baby-safe.

This kind of toy is not just great for cuddling but they also work well in keeping your little one’s imagination alive and thriving.

These products have our nod of approval:

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​4. Letter Blocks

It’s never too early to introduce your child to the world of letters.

We highly recommend that you give your kiddo a few letter blocks to get him started with letter recognition, which can set him up to preschool.

Your best bet would be colorful blocks with letters imprinted on them. But make it a point to choose a material that is safe for one-year-olds. Plush blocks are perfect because these are soft and will not hurt your little one.

He can stack these blocks up, or you can sit down with him and teach him how each letter sounds. Overall, it’s an educational and entertaining gift that will do your baby good.

We highly recommend these products:

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5. Pull-Back Toy Car

Speaking of educational… What about a toy car?

A pull-back toy is sure to make your little one let out a giggle or two as he discovers how this thing moves forward when pulled back. It’s a fun discovery for your baby, which also helps improve their motor skills.

They pull the car back and that helps strengthen their arm muscles. Then, there’s the cognitive piece in this act, too, as they figure out how these toys go. Don’t be surprised if your little one gets hooked on it for a while to these tiny machines!

Our recommendations from Amazon:

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​6. Personalized Story Book

Books are fun!

Yep, that’s something you can introduce to your kid because 1) it’s educational and 2) it’s a great bonding activity for the two of you.

We recommend books that include features that appeal to their sense of touch, sight, and hearing.

Among our top picks are these items:

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There is never a shortage of unique first birthday gifts for your child!

With all of these suggestions on what to give your baby on the day he turns one, you should have an easier time shopping for the perfect item. So go ahead and check out these products that will surely keep him entertained while promoting learning each time.

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