7 Surprising Benefits of Playing Building Blocks in Preschool

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Are you wondering about the best toy to give to your child?

If so, then you should definitely consider providing building blocks to your little one.

Building blocks preschool toys are quite functional to young children as it fosters numerous benefits that impact not just his physical development but also his mental, social, and psychological well-being.

We discuss more these building blocks benefits that will definitely encourage you to give your little one an excellent toy that will help her in so many ways.


Building Blocks Preschool - Why It Is An Amazing Toy for Children

Block play may seem quite simple but did you know it is beneficial to your toddler or preschooler?

Here are 7 reasons to give your child building blocks to play with.

1. Enhances problem solving skills.

When you give your child a tub of building blocks, she immediately thinks about what to make out of this toy.

Perhaps she has an idea in mind, and she tries to solve some problems (i.e. how to build a car, how to make one block fit another block, etc) by working out the options she’s got. 

She studies the different shapes of each block and realizes which block fits what - it’s like a puzzle she’s working on.

While it may seem too simple and innocent, these small “problems” or wonderings your child experiences while playing blocks can help her become a practical problem-solver as she grows up. 

She learns to study the tools she has to come up with a suitable answer or solution to an existing dilemma she may be encountering.

2. Fosters imagination and creativity.

Every child has an imagination.

And yes, each child is creative.

What better way to allow her to create something than by giving her building blocks to come up with her very own creation whether it is a house, car, or a tree.

Symbols and objects come to mind when she holds a piece of a block in her hand, and it is something that every child should have a chance to do. 

She will realize that by stacking blocks up and positioning them in a certain way, shapes are formed.

Each time she plays with blocks, she will learn more ways to stack them up and form a figure that comes from her imagination.

What an accomplishment it is for your little one to do this each time she engages in block play!

3. Develop math skills.

Blocks come in various shapes and sizes.

There is a certain length to be achieved to build houses out of blocks or maybe form figures such as a tree, human, dog, etc.

By being acquainted with lengths and heights and widths, your child is also acquiring math skills through block play. 

They will be able to create patterns, measure lengths, and basically explore more about the possibilities that building blocks have to offer them.

4. Improves their motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Building blocks require energy to create something interesting.

They sort blocks according to shapes and sizes, group them together, and stack them up, study which ones work best to create a figure in mind.

Your child is like an architect, an engineer creating something amazing out of these wooden or plastic blocks!

This is something that is good for her motor skills as it is a matter of putting pieces together, making the holes fit into blocks, depending on the number of holes it’s got.

5. Encourages a creative spirit.

At first glance, building blocks preschool toys appear as loose parts. They may not make any sense when scattered and in loose pieces.

But your child’s creative spirit is ignited as she thinks of a way to combine, recombine, and attach these blocks in various ways.

They learn which colors look good together, which shapes work well together, and the image they have in their head comes to life as they build it using these blocks.

They probably have read about a castle or a house from one of their bedtime books, and now, they want to turn that image to life by creating this castle or house using building blocks.

It is such fun for these youngsters to actually hold, touch, and build those images!

6. Increase self-esteem and confidence.

You have no idea how amazing it feels to a child to accomplish something!

It is like being on top of the world, after holding in their hand something they have created.

By allowing your kids to play with building blocks, this will definitely boost their self-confidence after tackling a huge problem of how to turn their imagination into reality.

It will become a reward for them seeing the product of their hands as they are able to create something amazing out of loose blocks that initially may not have made any sense to them.

This is why it is important to compliment your kids for a job well done.

To you, it may not seem too much but to your kids, the positive feedback you give them for doing a great job will remain in their heart and mind.

7. Improve social skills.

Playtime with building blocks that are spent with other kids is an essential way to develop their social skills.

They will learn how to work with another person, create a plan on how to build a certain figure by working together.

They also learn how to share and give in, such as in the case of two kids who like to have a hold of the same block.

Good manners, kindness, teamwork, and collaboration are just some values that are developed by allowing your child to play with building blocks with her friends or with you.

Building Blocks Preschool Toys Build Great Things for Your Child

Play is a necessity among toddlers.

And when it comes to choosing the right toy to give to your little one, it is important to determine the benefits she can get from it.

Building blocks are indeed the best toy for children as not only does it develop her physical, mental, and emotional well-being but it is also great for her social skills. 

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