9 Best First Time Dad Gifts – What to Give to a New Dad

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During baby showers, mamas-to-be are always in the limelight. They get much of the attention and receive dozens of gifts from family and friends…

But what about the new dads? They deserve some love and attention, too!

This is why in this post, we have gathered the 9 best first time dad gifts that you can give to a father-to-be.

These are practical, fun, and essential items that will surely make the life of every man much easier, especially with a new baby on the way. Check them out to give you great ideas on what to pick out from the store that the recipient will absolutely love.


Practical and Much-Needed First Time Dad Gifts

Racking your brain for a great item to give the new dad? No worries - we’ve got you covered right here.

These cool items will surely help make fatherhood easier and more fun for a first time dad, so go ahead and browse through these smart gift ideas:

1. Massager

Being a new parent is not an easy job, that’s for sure! But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to make things lighter for the new dad. A massage roller can ease some tightness on the neck and shoulder from carrying the baby for hours.

You can find portable massage rollers that are lightweight and easy to store. This surely comes in handy when traveling and whenever a quick massage is needed after doing daddy duties. And yep, you don’t have to break the bank to get one. There should be a cheap and good quality massage roller in stores for under $20!

2. Charging Dock

New dads are not always on their phone as their little tot keeps their hands full. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need their smartphone anymore. Quite the contrary, actually!

If the dad uses his phone to play soothing music to help the baby sleep, a charging dock is surely a great tool to have by his side. You would not want to have a dead phone with you that’s an easy tool to get your baby drift away to dreamland sooner than later. Plus, this item is great for taking and checking out cute photos of the baby! 

3. Phone Protector

As we have mentioned earlier, new dads rely on their phone more not just for browsing the internet but also for checking out their baby’s cute photos and playing a lullaby. This is why a phone protector is a solid item to give that will definitely be very useful for a new dad.

You can find good quality phone protectors and phone cases that will keep the device safe and secure. With cool features such as a touch screen protector, outer cover, and a durable inner shell, this product is a true must-have for first time dads.

4. Smart Watch

The best part about this bottle opener is you can use it with just one hand. It’s pretty cool and smart, and a brew-loving papa will surely appreciate this gift.

This is what a smartwatch is used for - it is an excellent, handy little tracker that lets you keep track of your sleep and workout, among a few others. There are also smartwatches with an NFC tech and even a Google Assistant. You can count on your personal assistant to help you take care of stuff like paying bills or downloading videos - with a voice command. Cool!

5. Best Dad Vacuum-Sealed Drinking Bottle

This gift may sound cliche but hey, who wouldn’t want to be called the best dad, right? It’s not just the practicality of a tumbler for your cup of coffee but the message inscribed on it.

What’s great about this gift is its functionality. New dads can just grab their tumbler and go, so they can stay hydrated while they are on their shift with the baby. Be sure to look for insulated drinking bottles that can keep the optimal temperature of the beverage inside longer.

6. Bottle Opener… With a Twist!

Nope, not a baby bottle opener. This one is to open your favorite drinks even as you hold the baby. It’s a one-handed, super cool bottle opener! You can definitely enjoy a nice bottle of beer or soda (whatever you prefer) while cradling your little one in your arms.

New dads are always preoccupied with their baby, and it’s not surprising that some end up sleeping less or cutting back on their gym hours. But health is of the essence, no matter what stage of life you are in.

7. Multi-Function Pocket Tool

Babies can be a handful, so you have to be prepared for anything. And this brings us to this next product - a pocket tool with numerous functions. It’s also not just for looking after the baby, actually. In fact, it’s a great tool to have anywhere you may go.

And of course, you will have some free time to yourself at one point when not taking care of the baby. So if you happen to go fishing with the guys or hiking to unwind, this multi-function pocket tool is a lifesaver! (Yes, you can still have some alone time even as a new dad!)

8. Matching Shirts - Baby and Me

Show how much you’re proud to be a dad with a shirt that says it all! A matching outfit with your little one is perfect, which shows the world how happy you are to be a father.

You can find dozens of baby and me shirts that will match your design preference. Just be sure to go for 100% cotton that is gentle to your skin and your little ones. So it’s not just about the cool print on the shirt but how great it feels on your skin.

9. Instant Pot

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you should rely on take-aways or drive-thru meals. You need to be more careful with your health more than ever. Plus, home-cooked meals are always cheaper, more nutritious, and better than fast food.

An instant pot allows you to make one-pot dishes in minutes. Whether it’s a rice dish, soup, or stews, you can make these tasty meals pretty quickly without doing the bulk of the job yourself.


New dads are taking more jobs now than ever… But it can be made easier with the right tools.

These first time dad gifts will make every new father’s life much easier, so go ahead and take your pick from this list and show how much you care.

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