A Baby with Big Nose on Ultrasound – Is This Normal?

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So you have your ultrasound done, and you’re wondering - a baby with big nose appeared on the screen. Is this for real?!!

Don’t worry, moms and dads. If you happened to see your baby has a big nose that doesn’t look like yours at all, this is nothing to be worried about.

Babies don’t stay the way they are from the monthly scan and as the days go by. That’s a fact.

So keep reading to discover the facts about this topic and walk away with the assurance that your baby will be the darling you envision her to be.


Baby with Big Nose: What’s the Deal?

You go to your monthly scan at the OB-GYN clinic to check your child’s progress each month.


But wait…. Why is your little bub’s nose a tad big?!

If you can’t shake that image off your mind, you might want to get some answers instead of keep dwelling in that question, shall we?

You see, an ultrasound doesn’t completely reveal everything about that baby in your womb. It’s more of just a way to provide an overview of your little one’s condition. 

Sure, there is the 3D scan that helps you see more details. Then there’s the 4D can that even reveals more.

Back in the day, all we had was the 2D scan. This one kind of makes your baby look like just a gray matter in your tummy. That is why most parents prefer the 3D scan, at least, if the 4D is a little off their budget.

Back in the day, all we had was the 2D scan. This one kind of makes your baby look like just a gray matter in your tummy. That is why most parents prefer the 3D scan, at least, if the 4D is a little off their budget.

Well, the only downside of the 4D is how it gives so many details that your baby, specifically her nose, looks a little strange. It’s just too big!

It’s not just the nose, really…

Your baby’s face appears like it’s smooshed up against your tummy because it really kind of is. It’s up against the placenta, and that kind of distorts everything else. 

In the 3D scan results, you will also have a bit of an idea who your little one looks like more - you or hubby. 

And as for the question about the nose and how it doesn’t look like yours or the dad’s nose, it’s pretty simple.

It is not exactly how it is when she comes out.

That honker of a nose is actually just because of the fact that it’s pressed up against the inside of your tummy. Remember how your nose looks like when you press your face up against a glass window? Not exactly pointy, right?

So the same thing with your baby.

Maybe It’s Your Husband’s Grandpa’s Nose…

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that your baby’s nose is not always purely from your genes.

See, she can also inherit some qualities from your mom or dad or your spouse’s mom or dad.

It’s a mix of both genes and where your genes came from!

According to research conducted by scientists from Harvard Medical School, the dad’s genes are more dominant than the mom’s. More dominant by 3 more times!

This is why if you are wondering where the nose possibly came from, it could be from your husband or his family.

But no matter where that nose came from, the most important thing is that your child will come out healthy and well. That’s really the most valuable aspect you need to keep in mind and not entirely your child’s appearance.

Changes Happen Over Time

Like I said earlier, how your child looks in the scan doesn’t dictate how she would look years after you give birth to her.

I mean, you don’t look like how you looked when you were a few weeks’ old, right?

You probably had a bigger head or your face looked uneven or something when your parents took your very first baby photo.

And now, your face looks more proportional, your head looks alright, and you don’t look odd at all.

The same thing happens with your baby.

Right now, the scan photos look a little disappointing for you, perhaps

You see so much strangeness in her appearance, and you probably don’t even think she looks remotely like you.

But give it a month or two after birth, and you will realize that your child’s face and features are becoming more and more proportionate. You might even think that she looks like a replica of yourself (or your husband)!

Health Matters a Great Deal Than Looks

Society puts too much of a big deal on a person’s appearance. One is judged as pretty or ugly or a plain. And to be honest, it is quite unfair.

And it’s even worse if you also tend to judge your very own child.

This is why I would like to stress the fact that it’s not the appearance that’s the main thing. The most important thing is your baby’s health.

You want your child to be healthy, thriving, and without any disease or medical condition that will impact her well-being.

So to make sure that she grows up well-developed and healthy, you need to put her health as your top priority.

Make sure that while she’s inside your tummy, you’re eating right and doing things right to your body.

Get plenty of rest, manage stress, stay calm, and eat nutritious food. Stay away from processed food high in chemicals. Go for whole foods and fresh produce, as much as possible.

The food you eat, the vitamins and minerals you get from your well-balanced meals, these all impact her health. And when a person is healthy, don’t you think she looks radiant, glowing, and stunning, too?

Beauty is indeed skin deep. It goes deep into your cells and tissues and organs. 

Strive to take very good care of yourself, to make sure your body and your baby are getting an abundant supply of nutrients. Do all of these and you will not have to worry about those nasty medical conditions caused by nutritional deficiencies.

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