Everything to Know About Your Baby’s Development from 5 Weeks Old Onward

Taking care of a baby is not all about the cute and sweet stuff. Because there are also times when we are confused as to why they’re acting that way or why their body is experiencing changes so fast. Confusion and curiosity are the most common feelings that parents go through during this stage of your 5-weeks- old baby development.

It’s important to know what happens during this stage so that we can take better care of our babies. Here, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this crucial time of your baby’s development stage.


What to Expect from Your 5 Weeks Old Baby?

1. First Smile

There are a lot of things you need to expect when your baby turns 5-weeks-old. This is because this is the time when your baby experiences massive changes in their body. With this, the first thing you can expect from them is that they’ll be able to truly smile for the first time. During this stage, your baby starts to develop their emotions.

Though you might have already seen them smile before, those smiles are probably not genuine ones but a result of facial movement. However this time, you are assured that your baby has a true smile and that they're smiling for a reason. The number one reason why they're smiling is that they are happy, excited, or comfortable. 5-week-old babies smile to express their emotions through their faces.

2. More Alert

During your baby’s 5th week of life, you’ll also notice that they’re becoming more alert and energetic. They’re not anymore just sleeping throughout most of the day, but they are now usually awake.

Their bodies are experiencing massive changes such as the strengthening of their bones and the more developed circulatory system. It's because of this that the circulation of their blood starts to improve, thereby making them more active.

As a result of their increased alertness, you can expect them to have more nap times because they easily exhaust their energy. This is a good thing for you because your baby’s sleeping time will become more predictable. You can expect your baby to have two to three naps per day when they turn 5-weeks-old.

3. Faster Pace of Learning

And it’s not just your baby’s physical body that develops and improves, but their intellectual and mental capacity as well. This is the reason why you should be extra careful in exposing your baby to different things point in time.

It’s because the lessons and experiences they are going to encounter are most likely going to be retained in their subconscious minds for the rest of their life. It makes perfect sense for you to teach them the basic movements, skills, and expose them to the educational material even at this very early stage of your baby’s life.

Child's Play is a Necessity, But Why?

When it comes to taking care of a 5-week-old baby, the first thing you should always keep in mind is to play with them. Interaction is vital for the proper growth and development of your baby. It's because it doesn't just benefit your baby with one thing, but with a lot of things.

Playing with your baby improves their social skills as well as makes them learn new motor skills and visual and mental discrimination. Doctors refer to this stage as the “quiet alertness” because your baby can acquire huge amounts of information and process them at the same time without having to utter a single word.

One of the ways where you can play with your baby is by physically interacting with them. You can play with them in as simple as touching their ears and tickling the side of their tummy. It’s in these simple physical touches that you develop a closer bond with your baby.

Another highly recommended game you can enjoy with your baby as by bringing your face close to theirs and doing several facial expressions at the same time. You can stick your tongue out, raise your eyebrows and blink your eyes while smiling. This way, your baby can learn new things and improve their trust in you.

Establish a Feeding and Sleeping Routine

Having a 5-week-old baby is indeed a daunting and challenging experience that all parents must go through because it can go pretty tough if you don't know how your baby's physiology works. It’s important to know that this stage is the time when your baby can acquire, understand, and process new information such as new habits, movements, and activities.

This includes their feeding and sleeping patterns. What this means is that you should do the best of what you can to train your child to behave the way you want them to. It’s just like programming something to work as you please.

You can teach your baby the right feeding pattern by not giving into their requests and emotions. Even though it sounds a little bit off of parenting, it’s still the right thing to do. Even babies need a little dose of discipline because it’s not only you that benefit from them, but your baby as well.

On the other hand, teaching them the right sleeping pattern and when to sleep is also crucial in ensuring their safety. Sleeping at the same time with your baby means that there’s less risk of them being out of your reach or sight.It’s your responsibility to train them to discriminate daytime from night time.

It would also be better if you regulate their day-time sleeping patterns or naps. The recommended number of naps for 5-week-old babies is two times, the first will be before lunch, and the second one will be from 3 PM to 4 PM. If you observe that they're already rubbing their eyes or yawning, then that's a good sign that they need to have a good nap. You can then carry them on your arms, so they'll feel more secure as the warmth from your body will transfer to them and make them easily fall asleep.

Exposing Your Baby to the Outdoors

When your baby turns 5-weeks-old, it would also be best if you finally take them outdoors and let them feel the fresh breeze of air flow through their skin. Let them feel the sun's gentle heat because it's through this that they can improve and strengthen their immune system.

Some may say that bringing your baby outdoors would pose a risk to their health because they are going to be exposed to the many substances present in the environment. Though there is some degree of truth to that, it isn't the usual case. You need to expose your baby to the outdoors so that their antibodies will learn how to fight germs and bacteria, making them tolerant against these as they grow older.

Sometimes, it's not too good to safe keep your baby inside the comforts of your own house or their crib too much because that would make them fragile and weak. Letting them experience the real life is a good starting point to make them strong persons in the future.

Final Thought

With all of these being said, we hope that you have learned a lot of information from this article because the facts stated here would surely make parenting an easier responsibility for you. Having a 5-week-old baby is no doubt fun, but there are also some perks to this as you need to adjust to their ever-changing personality and physiological features.

Remember, raising a child has the same principles as raising a baby because you also need to incorporate discipline into them so that they'll be safer, stronger, and smarter.

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