Why Does a Baby Cry All Day? Everything You Need to Know

Babies are undoubtedly lovely, aren’t they? We just can’t help ourselves but fall prey to their cuteness and fluffiness. The way babies chuckle, smile, and look would surely brighten everyone’s day. They sure are gifts from above.

However, it doesn’t always seem this way. There are also times when they become the exact opposite of these positive descriptions. This happens when they cry. Their shriek and cries pierce through our ears, and it irritates us. The worse thing about this is that babies cry throughout the day for no apparent reason.

In this article, we’re going to tell you the reasons why do a baby cries all day, and how to make them stop crying.


Possible Reasons Why Your Baby Cries All Day

 1. Tired and Sleepy

One of the most common reasons why babies cry all day is because they need sleep. The bodies of babies aren’t still fully developed, which is why they get tired easily. Just by simply drinking milk or laughing for a few seconds, your baby can get exhausted. 

When this happens, your baby will express his exhaustion by crying.This is how they express their emotions because they still don't know how to talk verbally. Your baby is left with no option other than to just cry and scream and hope for the best that you'll give them a good lullaby. Sometimes, when your baby cries, they just need to get a good sleep.

2. Dirty Diapers

Another reason as to why your baby is crying might be because he or she got a dirty diaper. Your baby might have just pooped, and they want you to clean it. For sure this may not be your favorite part of taking care of a baby. However, this is an essential thing you need to master. Though there are some babies that can tolerate dirty diapers, most babies just can't bear having something sticky on their soft butt. Even though they are just babies, they already have a fully developed sense of smell and most of the time; they already know if a scent is pleasant or not.

3. Feels Hungry

The first thing that might come to your mind when your baby cries is that they might be hungry. Well, that's the usual reason. When babies feel hungry, they vent out their hunger by crying and screaming. Remember, your baby still doesn't know how to talk, which is why they have no choice but just to cry and cry until you figure out they need something to eat.

4. Needs to Burp

Though burping is not necessary for babies, your baby will still feel better if they can burp. The digestive and respiratory system of babies, specifically their mouths and windpipes are not yet fully developed. When this happens, your baby feels uncomfortable because the air inside their stomach might cause gas pains.

5. Colic and Gas Problems

Though this is somehow similar to the stomach problem mentioned in the 4th reason, this one is a bit more serious. When your baby cries for around three hours per day, it might be caused by colic and gas problems.

This happens when your baby takes in too much air while they breastfeed or drink milk from a bottle.If this is the only thing that happened, they might just need a simple burp. But if your baby eats solid food right after, an abnormal chemical reaction happens inside their stomach, which causes pain. If you think that this is the reason why your baby is always crying, then it’s best you bring them to a pediatrician

6. Wants to Be Close to You

It's important to remember that babies need to feel protected. They want to be physically close to you, hear your voice, and smell your distinct scent. If you're always away from them, they might just need a simple hug or cuddle. You can also carry them on your arms until they smile and fall asleep later on.

7. Teething Pain

This is another common reason as to why your baby might be crying throughout the day. They might be teething. Teething happens when your baby is between 4 to 6 months old. Your baby feels pain when they’re teething because new tooth forcefully pushes out of their soft and tender gums.

Other Things You Can Do to Make Your Baby Stop From Crying

1. Put Your Baby in Motion

We all know how time-consuming it is to take care of a baby. You might be onto something else like doing the laundry, washing the dishes, or working on your business project. If this is your case, you can simply put your baby into motion. You don't need always to carry them. You can just place them in a car seat or a bouncer. The rocking motion will be enough to calm them down.

2. Get Some Fresh Air

If all the other solutions fail, you might want to step outside your house and carry your baby with you. Let the fresh breeze of cool air pass through their skin. It will soothe them down. The blue skies and green vegetation are also proven to be therapeutic and are effective in lowering down stress levels of babies and adults alike.

3. Let Your Baby Listen to Music and White Noise

Letting your baby listen to a soft and relaxing music and rhythm is also an effective way to make them stop crying. You might want to sing a lullaby song to your baby and play instrumental music. You can even just let them listen to white noise, such as the humming sound from your air conditioner or the growl of a vacuum cleaner. Your baby will calm down when they hear these sounds because they have been used to listening to these while they were still inside the womb.

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