6 Easy Ways on How to Make Your Baby Move in Your Tummy

Pregnant moms like the feeling of having their baby move while in their tummy. Nothing can give them much excitement than experiencing that very first kick of their child. There is something so magical about the movement their baby makes.

But the question is, how can you make your baby move?

You want to feel those gentle rolls and tiny jabs of your little one as if he’s trying to communicate with you. It’s like a special language you both share.

Here, we’ll go one by one the different ways to make your precious child move in your tummy, so you can get those kicks and jabs on command.


How to Make Your Baby Move

At first, it may seem like just a secret conversation you share with your little one. The kicks, rolls, and jabs may start during the third or even the third trimester. But what if you want to feel them more often? Is there a special way to make it happen?

You’ll be amazed to know that you can definitely have those movements on demand!

Try these techniques that will perk your kid up and give you those adorable wiggles while in your belly.

1. Get your blood sugar up

But you certainly want to munch on something and prevent yourself from being starved if you want to feel those cute movements in your tummy.

How about grabbing some crackers and jam or cheese, or maybe eating a couple of spoonfuls of Greek yogurt? Munching on some nuts, dried fruits, or peanut butter toast is also good for encouraging your baby to move. 

Want an extra boost to keep your baby kicking with joy?

A glass of milk or some fruit juice should do the trick! The natural sugar in these healthy drinks will cause your baby to kick and jolt in high gear without a doubt!

2. Listen to lively music

If a dance-able song can make you move and wiggle, I won’t be surprised if it could cause your little one to dance inside your belly, too!

Pop in a CD with lively, blood-pumping songs that you can dance to.

Turn up the volume - but not too loud - and dance to the song. It won’t take long before your child will start to join in because, yep, the music’s absolutely catchy.

Just a bit of a reminder, though:

Try to go easy on the dancing. Don’t get too crazy about your moves because you might end up feeling exhausted and out of breath instead of simply having a good time.

3. Move it!

Exercising is a good way to get your blood circulating and your baby moving.

Take an easy stroll in the park or in the yard, maybe do some simple stretching exercises… These are not only good for your health but will also invoke a little kick or two from your baby. 

Plus, pregnant moms should make it a point to do some exercises that would get them in good shape and fit. Just because you’re carrying a baby in your tummy, that doesn’t mean you should just couch all day!

Get those hundred steps - and more - in, and get fit! Move it, mommy!

4. Jiggle your super cute baby bump

It’s kinda like tickling your little one - except she’s still inside your tummy.

Poking your baby bump gently or even jiggling it a bit will encourage some action going. For instance, you will notice some movement while you’re undergoing ultrasounds. The device used by the practitioner entices some kicks to happen. It’s the wand that is shaken over the tummy, which causes some perking up and moving inside. 

This is why if you want your baby to move, poke your adorable bump or jiggle it. But be as gentle about it as possible! Never shake your belly vigorously and harshly. Something super precious is right inside!

5. Talk to your baby

I mentioned earlier that the movement your baby makes is a sign that he’s communicating with you.

So since the little tot is trying to talk to you whenever he moves, then you should talk back.

Tell him about your day, read some bedtime stories, sing to him…

These are things that will help him hear your voice and recognize you despite the number of sounds he hears all day. Another thing about talking to your child is encouraging him to react with gentle reflexes. He will kick or jab your belly softly when he’s happy, or perhaps stay still when he’s sad. 

6. Lie down and rest

After some active playtime with your little one or after exercising, you need to get your rest.

This is why you need to chill out and kick back, take it easy and catch your breath.

While it may seem that you’re just doing nothing, relaxing can also encourage some movement in your child. You may either lie on your back or on your side to feel your baby move.

In fact, here’s the kicker - 

Some moms feel that even while they are still and ready to hit the bed, they feel their baby is already up and about and squirming like there’s no tomorrow. 

And as for you, dear mommy: Enjoy this moment! The movement your baby makes is definitely unlike any other movement you have had.

Bonus Tip on How to Make Baby Move

I gave you 6 tips to encourage some action to your baby but there’s another you can do to feel that move.

This is something I have personally tried before and it actually works.

I would do something to kind of surprise me gently whether it is being tickled without me anticipating it or doing something that will catch me off guard and get me excited.

This is a fun and effective way to get your baby to move since you’re like giving him a nice surprise, too!

So why don’t you try all of these tips and experience the movements your baby make that you can show off to your loved ones and get them touching your belly with excitement and anticipation.

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