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We all know that all babies need time to play because it is essential for their growth and development process. To ensure that they grow properly, one of the things you can do is by buying the best baby play mat for them to play and stay on. In this article, we're going to help you with just that.


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The Benefits of Having a Baby Play Mat

  1. Lets Your Baby Enjoy More

The best thing about a baby play mat is that these let your baby enjoy more. This is because these are specifically made for the enjoyment of your baby. When you place your baby on a baby play mat, they’ll surely be motivated to play because it’s soft, it has a lot of toys hanging on it, and it’s comfortable to stay on.

Aside from giving your baby more enjoyment, it also reduced the tendency of them crying or being in a bad mood. These baby play mats are what your baby needs for them to know things better because it not only lets them play properly, but it also inspires them to learn more about the things around them.

  2. Safety

It is very important for you to see to it that your baby is safe at all times. This is because your baby is still incapable of knowing which is good or not good for them. With this, it’s very important that you do the best of what they can to be away from danger. One way of doing this is by placing them on a baby play mat.

These baby play mats are not just for the purpose of letting your baby’s play, but these are also designed to keep your baby from going to other places of your house. There are some baby play mats that have built-in walls that keep them inside the mat.

3. Better Growth and Development

When you place your baby on a playmat, the chances of them have a better growth and development processes increases. This is because a baby play mat cultivates their senses which further inspire them to learn new things. There are baby play mats that come with hanging toys. There are also those that have puzzle floors that feature nice designs that make them more creative.

Babies need a daily dose of imagination and creativity, and that's what just a baby play mat does to them. It makes them think and see the world as it is. It nurtures their senses especially their sight, comprehension, and sense of touch. It truly is

  4. Comfort

Your baby will experience better comfort when you place them on a baby play mat. This is because these have a soft and cushiony padding that is perfect for your baby's tender skin and bones. Babies have spent their first nine months of life inside your womb which is soft and cushiony on them.

Because of this, your baby is still used to the soft surroundings that it had been staying on before they were born. By placing them on a baby play mat, you are giving them a nostalgic feeling of their life before birth, because these baby play mats is soft and cushiony. This makes them feel better, it gives them a good mood, and it makes them happy. Babies don’t need a lot of attention most of the time, sometimes, what they need is just to feel comfortable.

Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Play Mat

  • 1. CushioN
  • 2. Quality​
  • 3. Design
  • 4. Price​

The very first thing you should consider when buying a baby play mat is its cushion. See to it that it's soft and wouldn't hurt your baby whether they are sitting, standing, or lying on it. It's important that their body feels something soft, so they won't get any injury in case they jump on it or do some playful movements.​

Top 5 Best Baby Play Mat​

The first product that made it to our list of best baby play mats is the Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym. This is a play mat that is made from polyester, giving you the assurance that it’s comfortable and durable at the same time. It boasts an easily foldable feature that makes it perfect if you and your baby are always on-the-go.

It has three modes you can choose from. These are Sit and Play, Tummy Time, and the Overhead Discovery modes. There are also four linkable toys included and a plush prop to up pillow that your baby might love.


It can easily open using only one hand. This makes it a very easy to use and assemble baby play mat.

Its folding feature is one of the best in its class thanks to its Velcro straps.

This baby play mat includes a lot of extra freebies such as linkable toys, a pillow, and a mirror that is non-breakable.


Though this baby play mat is easy to assemble, it’s completely the opposite when it comes to disassembling it. It’s because the way its rings are designed is hard to dislodge.

It’s not that compact because of its weight and foldable features.

The Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym is another highly recommended baby play mat in our review roundup. This is a one piece floor surface that features a soft and cushiony padding that your baby will surely love playing on. It is made of a hygienic material that is proven safe as it doesn’t contain any BPA, lead, phthalate, latex, and EVA components which are hazardous to your baby’s health.

What’s best about this product is that it’s waterproof and very easy to clean. You can simply wipe it with a clean piece of cloth and you’re good to go. You can test its cushion by throwing an egg from ten feet high and it still wouldn’t break.


It’s a very easy to clean baby play mat. You don’t need to clean it often because it doesn’t easily catch dirt.

It’s also big and spacious, which is perfect for your baby to play around anyway they like.

The materials that this baby play mat is made of are also very durable. It doesn’t easily get ripped or get torn up.


Some parts of it are made of PVC material, which is toxic to your baby.

The cushioning is not the best, because it can be a little bit stiff when used for a long time.

The Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe Lights & Music Play Mat managed to make its way into our top five baby play mats because of its design and features. If you want to stimulate your baby’s senses, then this might be the perfect play mat for them because it has its own music and lights. It also has a huge mirror that can entertain your baby even more.

It plays classical music that will foster the creativity of your child. It’s also machine washable and can be folded perfectly flat if you want to go somewhere else and bring this play mat with you.


It has a very attractive and visually pleasing design. It will surely attract your baby a lot, making them enjoy the play mat even more.

It is priced affordable even though it has great aesthetics and durability.

This one has a very soft and cushiony padding, ensuring your baby excellent comfort and safety. You don’t have to worry if your baby is very playful because they’re assured that they won’t get hurt even if they tumble back and forth on the mat.


The music is not that loud. It can easily be covered up by the laughter, chuckles, and cries of your baby.

The lights are not the best because they’re quite too dim. They are sometimes not visible when they’re placed on broad daylight.

It’s not the best when it comes to durability. It can easily get scratches if something rough touches its surface.

The Baby Care Play Mat - Haute Collection is probably one of the most elegant looking and durable play mat in this list despite its very simply and minimalist design. This is very big, it can be compared to a queen-sized mattress. This will give your baby a lot of room to play on. It features an innovative cushioning system that claims that you can drop an egg from 10 feet up and it still wouldn’t break upon impact.

It doesn’t contain any latex, BPA, phthalate, formaldehyde, and EVA, making it pass the European toy standards. What’s best about this product is that it is completely waterproof and reversible. It’s also fairly easy to clean. You can just use simple baby wipes to wipe off any dirt or spillage on its surface.


It’s very comfortable for your baby to stay on even in long periods of time. This is due to the soft and cushiony texture of its surface material.

Though it’s very soft, it still hasn’t sacrificed its durability because it is very sturdy and is made from high quality materials. It doesn’t easily get scratches, its cushion doesn’t sag up through time, and its color doesn’t fade away if it’s constantly washed.

It features a great design that is both simply and elegant. Even though it’s not that colorful, your baby will still love how it looks because it’s soothing on  their eyes.


It gives off an unpleasant smell when you’ve used it for the first time. However, this isn’t really a big problem because you can get rid of the smell by simply leaving it outside under the heat of the sun. You can also let it face an electric fan throughout the day.

It has a PVC material component. PVC is toxic.

The Wee Giggles Non-Toxic, Extra Thick Foam Play Mat might be the perfect baby play mat for you if you’re going to place it on a small spaced area. Even though it’s quite small, your baby still has a lot of freedom to move around it as it has three modes, which are Tummy Time, Sit, and Learn to Crawl mode.

This is what makes this play mat as a very effective learning tool for your baby. Its tiles are ½ inch thick and are made from safe and non toxic materials. To prove this, the product has passed CPSIA standards. You can even use its tiles as borders so that your baby can’t get out of it.


It is very soft and gives maximum comfort and cushion to your baby.

It’s also very sturdy and durable. It doesn’t easily get damaged even if your baby constantly jumps or pounces on it.

Your baby can easily stand up without falling, because of the even and sturdy texture of the tiles.


It’s a bit too expensive for its size.

It can easily collect dust from its surroundings because of the patterned texture of the tiles.

The little walls are not effective in containing bigger babies or toddlers.


Out of the five products reviewed, the product to emerge as the best baby play mat is The Baby Care Play Mat - Haute Collection. This is because it contains all of the features needed of a durable, reliable, and safe to use baby play mat. It is huge as it has a similar size with a queen-sized mattress. It has a soft cushion padding that makes it safe for your babies to play on and stay around throughout the day.

The way it is designed is what also makes it stand out among other brands even though it’s simple and very minimalist. If you want to make sure that your baby grows and develops properly, then this is the baby play mat you need to buy for them. It’s totally worth your money.​

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