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The first few hours right after delivery is a mother’s most rewarding, yet tiring points in their life. This would entail several hours to a few days of recovery, as well as adjustments. One of the ways to facilitate this adjustment is to wear more loose-fitting, comfortable clothes like pajamas. With that said, what are the five best pajamas for Hospital After Delivery that’s best worn by mothers?


What to look for in a Maternity Pajama?

It's difficult to find postpartum clothes that "work," as the phase after giving birth is usually one of the most stressful parts of a mother’s life. At the same time, it can also be the most fulfilling and rewarding.

To help mothers cope, it would be best to wear at least an attire which is not just comfortable, but practical as well. What exactly makes these clothes comfortable and practical to wear? Here are some that make it so:

1. Allows for Easy Nursing

One of the first things that usually get done in the Hospital as soon as the baby is born, apart from the cleaning, is having the mother breastfeed their newborn, and it would be this way until they reach a few months old.

There are various mechanisms that allow you to no longer wear a bra for easier breastfeeding, such as fold-over panels or clips which can just be removed or folded in a certain way once it’s time to feed your newborn.

2. Made of Soft Materials

If you have just given birth, the wearing of jeans is a big no-no or other apparel that's thick and does not allow your skin to breathe. Moreover, wearing of thick apparel, especially jeans would hurt the fresh stitches that were incurred as a result of giving birth.

Always look for maternity wear that’s made of a good proportion of Cotton and Modal, ideally at a 50-50 ratio. There also are Viscose-Spandex maternity wear, with the former comprising much of the cloth.

Rayon-Spandex is also a good option you could pick. Proportions between the types of cloth may vary from one manufacturer to another, but so long as it is made of both, you’re good to go.

3. Loose-Fitting

To take comfort up a notch, it's best that you wear loose-fitting pajamas, rather than the body-hugging ones. While there is some maternity wear that's made in such a way which is tight and stylish, wearing loose-fitting clothes allow your skin to breathe, especially in the area where incisions have been made.

It's also good to wear loose-fitting clothes to allow room for the waistband or binder that's usually worn. For pajama sets, it's best to go two sizes larger than your average size, and for pajamas, one which is made for waistlines of up to 40 inches. Furthermore, loose-fitting clothes may be easier to take off and replace, given that some mothers may sweat profusely to cope with the physical stress of giving birth.

4. Plain and Simple

Just because you're dressing up in a plain and straightforward manner does not mean you're not dressing up stylishly. With that said, it's best to do away with maternity wear that has a lot of extra accessories.

If possible, do away from one with zippers and buttons, as this could cause harm to the baby. Buttons can be choking hazards, and zippers could cause harm to a baby’s highly sensitive skin, and hence you should do away from clothing with these.

If possible, do away from one with zippers and buttons, as this could cause harm to the baby. Buttons can be choking hazards, and zippers could cause harm to a baby’s highly sensitive skin, and hence you should do away from clothing with these.

If you wish to be stylish though, there are a lot of maternity pajamas that have cute animal prints and other patterns on them, making you look good even in the busiest of times.

5. Elastic

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind is that your clothes have to be elastic or stretchable. Also, just because a material is made of soft materials does not mean that it can be stretched easily.

Look for materials with Spandex or Modal, as well as garterized pajamas for the best, most elastic type of clothing. Having flexible clothes allow you to wear them for much longer periods of time, even if you have already long lost the extra pounds you have put on as a result of your pregnancy.

The 5 Best Maternity Pajamas for Hospital Delivery

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Women's Maternity Top Nursing Pajamas by Happy Mama Boutique


If keeping it elegant is one of your key priorities, then this is the perfect set of Pajamas for you. This set of pajamas by Happy Mama Boutique is all about combining style with practicality, making things much easier for the new mommy. If you don’t like switching outfits as well, this could be a good pick as it’s made of stretchable materials that can be worn even in times of pregnancy.


  • This is a versatile set of pajamas, as it can be worn while in labor, during pregnancy.
  • Comfort is maximized, thanks to massive sizes, with Pajamas suitable for waists at 39-41 inches.
  • Ideal for feeding, as it has easy access to nursing while keeping the breastfeeding discreet.
  • Made of quality materials, thus it is efficient and comfortable.
  • Incredibly Simple, yet elegant and stylish stripe pattern.


  • The nipples may accidentally go out of the feeding flaps for women with larger breasts as the place as the area of the robe.

2. Women’s Lounge Chic Maternity and Nursing Pajama by Belabumbum


This Nursing Pajama by Belabumbum has a double purpose, and can be used both as a set of PJs, and can be worn for going out with your baby. It takes comfort up a notch, thanks to its shelf bra and its strap which could be adjusted easily. The Rayon-Polyester combination provides great comfort and stretchability as well.


  • If you want to remain comfortable yet stylish, this is the perfect option for you, as it is comfortable enough as maternity wear yet classy enough to be worn even when going outside, thanks to its lace and piping details.
  • It comes with a pull-on closure, which a lot of mothers may find both quicker and easier to dress up with compared to other maternity wear.
  • It is breathable and stretchable as it is made of 50% Rayon and 50% Polyester.
  • It comes with drop-down access which is more comfortable and more convenient than folding. The nursing clips are easy to open yet remains firmly intact when breastfeeding is not being done.


  • This maternity pajama has plenty of pieces, which includes a thigh-length robe, a top, and pajamas, which other mothers may find annoying.

3. Women’s Soft Sleeve Maternity and Nursing Sleepwear Pajamas by MAXMODA


If you’re a mom who loves their outfits loose, or at least feels comfortable in wearing loose outfits, then one apparel you can get is the Sleeve Maternity and Nursing Sleepwear Pajamas by MAXMODA. The 92% Viscose - 8% Spandex composition is what makes this pajama deliver in terms of comfort. This, however, isn’t really made for the pregnant tummy because of its thin garter.


  • These easy-breezy pajamas are perfect for those who love light and loose-fitting gowns. It is one of the lightest, stretchiest, and coolest pajamas out there.
  • Comes with a stylish henley neckline design which makes breastfeeding a breeze.
  • This outfit is perfect for the spring.
  • It comes with an easy yet secure pull-on closure.


  • The elastic waistband is very thin, which does not make it  really good pajamas for maternity use.
  • The top is also not a maternity cut and thus is only ideal for hospital use right after delivery.

4. The Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas Sleepwear Set by Kindred Bravely


Breastfeeding in public remains to be an issue among people nowadays, which is why it can be understood that mothers would want to nurse their babies to be done in a manner as discreet as possible, which is something that this Nursing Pajama set by Kindred Bravely Provides. This goes on top of the fact that it is extra soft and breathable, as it has more Viscose at 94%, with the remaining proportion being spandex. 


  • Provides discreet nursing, thanks to the 2-layer top that’s easy to slip. This allows you to nurse discreetly despite being in the company or presence of others.
  • No chaffing or digging of Pajamas can be experienced, thanks to the under bust which is elastic.
  • Soft and breathable, thanks to it being made of 94% Viscose and 6% Spandex.
  • Thanks to its comfortable and elastic waistband, it can be used for both early motherhood and pregnancy.


  • Pajamas are a bit too short for the torso and legs, and thus others may not find it too comfortable.
  • The top, while allows for discreet nursing may be difficult to open.

5. Ultra Soft Maternity and Nursing Pajama Set by Zexxxy Women


If you want to look sexy, and if you are looking for maximum comfort, then this Ultra Soft Maternity and Nursing Pajama Set by Zexxxy Women is great for you. All of the things you’re supposed to be looking for, from comfort to versatility, and of course, style is all found here, making it one of the best maternity wear you could possibly get.


  • Ruched Design allows for discreet nursing, even when others are around.
  • The waistline rubbers are elastic and can be adjusted, and thus this set of pajamas can be worn for both maternity and post-delivery.


  • The top part shows too much cleavage and plunges too low, making it not too modest to wear.

Final Thought

There are several types and designs for pajamas for the hospital after delivery. In these times, all that matters is that you are as comfortable as possible, and hence it might take some time for you actually to settle for the perfect dress or pajama set. One practical tip you may want to employ is for you to get a set that can be used as both a maternity dress and pajamas for comfortable post-delivery.

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