Black Friday Baby Deals Coming Up – How to Prep For It??

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Want to save more money on baby items?

Of course you do!!!

And with Black Friday baby deals rolling in, it’s that time of the year once again to shop for a ton of discounted products and excellent value for your money.

Who wouldn’t be excited about that?!


So if you’re just like me who’s always on the lookout for the best deals to buy baby items then stick around and we’ll take a look at what’s coming up this Black Friday 2019. 

Best Reasons to Shop for Black Friday Baby Deals 

November is quite an exciting month for a lot of us.  

Well, there’s Thanksgiving. But for smart shoppers out there, November is also the season for Black Friday… And it’s been that way since the 1960s!

Basically, Black Friday is that rare but ultra fun event (for shopaholics and the average shopper) where you can enjoy hundreds or even thousands of discounted products.

It’s almost like a continuation of Thanksgiving Day, Lol.

Our wallets can’t be more than thankful for the savings that Black Friday offers.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a fashionista, a sports-obsessed guy or gal, or a mom who’s on the hunt for the cheapest baby deals, Black Friday is a most-awaited season for sure!

And speaking of babies....

It’s not a big surprise that baby items are pretty expensive.

Kinda strange considering little people use these things but they’re darn pricey without a doubt.

So if you’re a practical mom who wants to save some cash without depriving her little bub of the cutest outfits, essentials, and what-not, Black Friday is the season to buy all that your kiddo needs… And wants.

Pretty cool, right?

While at the comfort of your own home and cozy in bed while browsing online shops for Black Friday baby deals, you can get amazing items at slashed prices. How awesome is that?!!

So what are the usual items on sale during Black Friday?

Things to Buy on Black Friday - Baby Deals to Watch Out For

Black Friday is the day to buy literally hundreds and thousands of items.

You can find all sorts of stuff on sale such as electronics, kitchen items, appliances, fashion and apparel, shoes, toys, and so much more.

But of course, moms are mostly eager about Black Friday baby deals that can save them $$$ for their purchases.

Among the different baby items to watch out for include strollers, diapers, toys, car seats, play yards or play gyms, and baby carriers, to name a few. And trust me, there’s a heck lot of items under these categories when you check them out in stores - offline or online.

Check out these items to expect on Black Friday baby deals this 2019:

Typical Baby Items

In search of cheap but quality baby items that are a true deal?

What’s cool about Target is that they really tell you way ahead of time what they have on sale on Black Friday. If you go to their website, you can find their Black Friday ads with a long list of discounted items to expect such as toys, baby clothes, car seats and stroller.

And dig this - every REDCard holder can begin bagging a ton of deals on discounted items by November 22nd…. That’s on Thanksgiving itself moms!

Enjoy savings galore from Thanksgiving all the way up to Black Friday, 6 am.

Baby Clothes

If you need to update your little one’s outfits, or you simply want to buy essential items for your little one, then you can definitely buy what you need at a few online stores such as OshKosh, Old Navy, Walmart, and Amazon. And yep, there’s Target, too!

At Old Navy, for instance, they began their Black Friday last year on a Wednesday, so the whole sale frenzy happened for three days! You absolutely can’t miss a good deal considering how long the sale ran. They even gave away 50 percent discount on ALL items.

That’s store-wide, folks!!

And this year, there are thousands of items on sale this Black Friday. It’s the time to shop for baby essentials, as well as other things you might want to give away as Christmas presents or all-occasion gifts for your loved ones.

Baby Stroller, Car Seat & Carrier

These are usually the more expensive baby stuff your tiny bub needs but you know you just have to get them.

There are cheaper brands and there are the more popular, more reliable but more expensive brands that you can get for your little one. But of course, would be nice to get them at discounted prices!

Well, great news for ya’ll because Black Friday baby deals usually include these bigger and more expensive items. And we’re talking about famous brands such as Graco, Britax, Chicco, MacLaren, Peg Perego, etc.

Target and Walmart have quite a few baby strollers on sale this Black Friday 2018 from Graco, BOB, and Evenflo for as low as $114 to as high as $899 for higher end ones. 

If you want other options, Albee with an array of baby strollers on sale. There are baby stroller travel systems that come with car seats, or just baby strollers, baby joggers, double strollers, and full strollers.

Interestingly, this online store also features a host of other items your baby needs such as toys, play yards, diaper bag, car seat, and so on.

Get the Best Black Friday Baby Deals This 2021

Black Friday has definitely made shopping much more fun for people who are always in search for bargains without compromising quality. From 3-day sales to a week-long sale (the latter being offered on, you can have a blast shopping while computing how much you save.

So check out these stores this Black Friday - or even a few days earlier - and have a blast shopping for items at discounted prices!

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