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If you’re a new parent in search for the best baby car seat, our Graco Nautilus 65 reviews should help you make the perfect choice for your child’s needs. We have gathered our top picks for this category including the key features and limitations that you may find in each item to guide you in your purchase. Browse through our reviewed products and check out our recommendations and buying tips that will lead you to the product worth your time and money.


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Before we head over to our Graco Nautilus 65 reviews, let’s talk about this brand and model of car seat. It should give you a better understanding of what to expect once you have an idea of what the Graco Nautilus has to offer.

Graco Nautilus 65 At-A-Glance

Comfort, safety and convenience are three of the top qualities of the Graco Nautilus 65. It features a forward facing design, which makes it idea for babies, toddlers, and older children up to 100 pounds in weight. So as your child grows up, he can keep using this car seat as it is built to last for a long time and comes with features suitable depending on the weight capacity of your little one.

Front-Facing Baby Car Seat

What most people like about this car seat is the fact that it comes with a front facing design. This has become the model of choice by most parents who prefer their children to sit facing forward, which is recommended for children. But unlike other brands, there is no complication at all when it comes to setting up and installing this seat to your car. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to get it ready to use, so that eliminates the hassle in getting your child to use this seat.

Safety Guaranteed

Before you hit the road, you want to make sure your baby is safe and secure in his seat. A regular car seat and seatbelt will not work because these are not made for your child’s small body. But a baby car seat specifically designed for his weight, height, and age can certainly make a big difference in ensuring his comfort and safety throughout the ride.

The Graco Nautilus 65 comes with 3 modes that you can choose depending on the weight of your child. For instance, babies between 22 and 65 pounds are better off with the 5-point harness while an older child from 30 to 100 pounds is safer with a backless booster. If you have a baby about 40 to 100 pounds, a backless booster is perfect for your little one’s needs.

Comfort and Convenience

A long road trip can be tiring without the right and relaxing seat for your child. But with the Graco Nautilus 65, any trip, long or short, is fun and easy because of the comfortable seat it offers. The foam features an energy-absorbing foam that does not only provide the right amount of firmness but it is also durable. It should be able to last for a long time, and you may even pass it on to your younger kids once your older one has outgrown it.

It’s also worth noting that this seat was built to withstand that very high temperature in a car interior during the very hot months. Interestingly, cars can heat up by as much as 125 degrees F in the summer, and this makes lower quality car seats unable to last for long. But the Graco Nautilus 65 can resist warping and damages. You can pretty much guarantee that generations to come can continue to enjoy this car seat no matter how old it may be. This is how durable and low maintenance this brand of car seat is!

Installation and Setup Made Easy

Okay, now the part that drives some parents crazy - installing and setting up the car seat. Does the Graco Nautilus 65 come with some annoyingly complicated contraption that takes forever to set it up?

A sigh of relief for ya - this car seat makes your life easy! It is not your snap on, snap off kind of a car seat but it’s not something that takes several minutes to set up either. There are straightforward instructions on how to install it, so you don’t have to worry about taking a long time getting it ready for your little one to use.

Another thing is that it can be positioned in such a way that is comfortable for your child. Do you want to recline it? No problem. You can simply select from 3 different positions when reclining the seat, and you should be able to find the best one that suits your child best. No more bobbing head while your child snoozes in the car because the perfect recline should help him sleep the hours away. Cozy!

Do you need to transition the seat from one style to another? It’s easy to do so and without having to use any tool or equipment. This is great news for those who are not quite at ease when it comes to working with complex diagrams or instructions. In under 5 minutes, you should be able to transition this seat from the car seat mode and into a booster seat mode - easy peasy.

Tested for Security

Listen up, parents. When buying a car seat, labels are super important. You want to make sure that the car seat has been tested by officials who determine whether or not the item matches up to the safety standards. You’ll love the fact that the Graco Nautilus 65 has been tested for crashes by the NCAP or the New Car Assessment Program. As expected, this car seat passed the test, so you can ease your worries once you place your child securely in this seat. 

As we have mentioned earlier, this car seat comes with a special foam with EPS, which absorbs energy and impact during a car crash or collision. This feature draws your child from harm which gives you peace of mind at the same time.

Product Reviews

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Colors: Sully, Fern, Sylvia

Are comfort and safety what you require for a car seat to give to your child? I’m sure these features are very important for you! Well, you’re in luck because these two qualities - and more - are just what you can find in this Graco Nautilus 65 model. In fact, there are a few other great features you will love about it such as the following:

  • Excellent Padding. If other car seats disappoint you because of the super this insert, this seat won’t make you feel like you have just wasted your money because it comes with an amazingly soft and comfortable padding.
  • Great Recline. Okay, it’s not exactly a dramatically spectacular recline but it’s good enough for what your child needs. You can position it in a way that will not cause your child’s head to fall and bob forward while he dozes off. That’s good enough when it comes to comfort.
  • Easy to Use the Harness. While other baby car seats have a clip that has a mushy quality, this one is much different since you don’t have to push the button so hard down to lock the harness. Just one hand is all it takes to open and close the harness - easy on, easy off!


  • We’re not too big on the pads for the shoulder strap as they are a bit tough to tighten. Removing the pads may be a solution for you if you don’t want to deal with how cumbersome it is.
  • The cup holder is somewhat small, which is a hassle if you have bigger bottles for your child. It would have been a nice addition but since the size is not exactly the right one you expect, it can be a limitation to this car seat for sure.
  • Elastic pockets are not quite effective. It sure seems like a good idea but we just don’t find these additional features very efficient to use.

Our Rating:

Colors: Conley, Ayla, Matrix, Pierce, Featuring TrueShield Technology

Who would have thought that installing a baby car seat would be as easy as 1-2-3?! This product puts others to shame because of how simple and quick it is to use it. You don’t even need to use any tool or be a pro to get this seat set up for your baby to use! Awesome benefits this product boasts include:

  • Quick Installation. In a rush to go somewhere and no time to mess around with a complicated car seat for your little one? This product is certainly for you. It takes less than 5 minutes to install no matter what type of vehicle you have. No tool, no equipment, no mechanical know-how to get it set up.
  • Functional Storage. It’s worth noting that this seat has those tiny cubbies that you can use for storing stuff your little one needs while in the car.
  • Comfortable. Set the shoulder straps according to what your child needs and it’s all set. That’s perfect since other car seats don’t even have the best setting for the straps, which is such a shame since these parts make or break your child’s comfort while nestled in the seat.


  • Extra Care Required During Cleanup. Whether there’s a spill or not, you would want to clean the covers. But just be careful so as not to cause damages to it because of the heavy mechanism for the latch and release part.
  • Difficulty in Removing the Harness. There is a bit of a challenge when removing the 3-point harness of this car seat. But the good thing about that is the latch is made from solid metal making it very sturdy even if it is a little tough to work around with.
  • - Small Buckle Strap for the Crotch. You may think that the buckle strap for the crotch portion seems a little on the small side. It’s a tad frustrating to deal with but if you have an extra buckle, you can easily replace the old one and solve this issue quickly.

Our Rating:

Colors: Condey, Cutler, Zale

The idea of installing a baby car seat may seem overwhelming for most parents but luckily, this product won’t give you any trouble when it comes to the installation part. It comes with a number of amazing features such as:

  • Easy-to-Adjust Harness. We are impressed with the harness design as it is a breeze to adjust. Other car seats make it difficult to loosen or tighten the harness but this product makes it so easy.
  • Comfortable Features for the Restraint. This is another benefit of this baby car seat as there are covers that prevent your little one’s shoulder and neck from chaffing. Perfect for those long road trips!
  • Cup Holders Included. It’s amazing how this car seat comes with cup holders that you can remove and install quickly. These are great additions to the car seat when you need to place your baby’s bottle that you can reach quickly.


  • Heavy Restraint. This is both a pro and a con, depending on how you look at it. In terms of convenience, a heavy restraint is kind of a limitation because of how hard it is to remove during cleaning.
  • Bulky Design. If you have a smaller vehicle, you will find the size of this car seat a bit of a drawback. It is indeed not very compact, although the size lends to how spacious and comfortable it is.

Our Rating:

Colors: Glacier, Nyssa

When it comes to car seats for babies, you can never go wrong with a Graco. It comes with a lot of impressive features and benefits including:

  • Great Quality Materials. No signs of flimsy design at all with this car seat. It is well-made and a true value for your money. You can certainly use this car seat after years when your older kids have outgrown it.
  • Comfortable Recline Design. Don’t worry about kids sleeping in the car while on a long road trip because this car seat will keep your child secure and safe. It is certainly the best choice for a decent price.
  • Secure to Use. With a latch and a durable tether, you can have this car seat installed in a jiffy. It’s very secure and no wobbling to worry about.


  • Huge Car Seat. In terms of the width and the height, this car seat is bulky. If you have a smaller vehicle, this can be a problem. But if you have a taller child, you will find this design more of an advantage than an issue.
  • Reclining Base Is Not So Good. It still depends on the vehicle because for a smaller car, the reclining base tends to take up more space than it should.

Final Thought: 

Overall, you can never go wrong with a Graco Nautilus 65. Just be sure to choose the perfect model that suits your needs and this product should be fine. After reading our Graco Nautilus 65 reviews, you should be able to determine the right model to get that addresses all of your concerns for a price that suits your budget.

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