Is It Possible To Have a Baby at 45? The Answer May Surprise You

Holding off having a baby until you’re in your 40s has its positives and negatives, however, the odds of getting pregnant at this time are significantly small. So is having a baby at 45 even possible?   We’re going to find out now.


Why Having a Baby at 45 Is So Difficult??

When a baby girl is born, she is born with a number of eggs she will have for a lifetime. There is no way to increase this amount, nothing you can do to fix it, and nothing you can do to stop the death of your eggs every single month.

By the time a woman is 45, her eggs have decreased so much that it is almost impossible to get pregnant. Only a select few eggs, maybe 1 or 2, are dropped during ovulation, and these eggs are stubborn and typically won’t hold onto sperm very well.

Why Having a Baby at 45 Is a Good Thing?

There are a few positives to waiting until you’re older before having children.

  • You’re Older and Wiser. That’s not just a saying. After experiencing life for quite a long period of time, you’re wiser than the 20-something year olds having children. Your life experience can certainly help you when raising a child.
  • You’re Financially Stable. At this point in your life, you are more than likely financially stable. You and your spouse are probably ‘well off’ or at least living comfortably in your own home, well-paying jobs, and transportation.
  • You’re Less Selfish. Unfortunately, younger women tend to be a bit more selfish and full of themselves than an older woman. Having a child at a younger, more selfish age may mean spending less attention to your child. On the other hand, waiting until you’re older and less full of yourself means your child gets more attention as you focus less on yourself and more on your growing child.

Why Having a Baby at 45 is a Bad Thing?

Unfortunately, there is a multitude of negatives that come along with having a baby at 45.

  • It Probably Won’t Happen Naturally. As we mentioned before, at 45 your egg count is significantly lower. In fact, you’d be amazed just how many eggs you’ve lost between the age 35 to 45. A woman in her 30s can have a 50% chance of getting pregnant while a woman at 45 or older dwindles down to 1 or 2 percent.
  • You May Have a Rougher Pregnancy. The eggs you are left with are no longer in their prime, which means you may end up having a rougher pregnancy. And while your eggs aren’t in their prime, unfortunately neither is your body, which in turn can cause extra hardship on you and your figure.
  • Your Baby is More Prone to Defects. While it can’t really be scientifically proven, it is very well known that a woman having a child in her later years means the child is more prone to certain defects like Down Syndrome.

How You Can Have a Baby at 45?

If your heart is set on having a baby at 45 and you need help to achieve fertilization, there are a few different options you can choose from.

  • Natural. Of course, you can try and conceive a baby naturally, although you’re probably going to struggle. It’s not impossible, though; plenty of woman at 45 have conceived completely naturally. Make sure you are having unprotected sex at least two to three times during ovulation. Track your ovulation to up your chances of fertilization. If after six months you still haven’t conceived, you may need extra help.
  • IVF. A great option for a woman at 45 who wants to have a baby is in vitro fertilization. It’s a quick and simple medical procedure that will place the sperm directly into the egg either inside of the woman or outside. Choosing IVF for conception ups your chances from one to two percent to 25 percent.
  • Donor Eggs. Your best bet for having a baby at 45 is choosing to use donor eggs. By using a donor egg, your chances of conception is 50 to 75 percent.


While having a baby at 45 may be a challenge, it is not impossible. When making this decision to have a child in your later years, understand that it may be quite a challenge. If you cannot conceive naturally after six months, you may need to try an IVF treatment or use donor eggs to get your little bundle of joy. Good luck!

Did you have a baby at 45? How did you do? Let's leave a comment to sharing your experience.

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