How Do I Know My Baby’s Skin Color? Interesting Facts on Baby Skin Color Predictor

Your due date is in a few weeks, and you’re wondering - will your baby have fair skin like you or browner shade like the dad?

This is something that most parents are wondering before their baby comes out into the world. They wonder about the best baby skin color predictor and if there is a way to know before childbirth what the skin tone is going to be.

But the truth is, it’s really not THAT easy to conclude that just because you and your partner have white skin, your baby will inherit your skin color.

It is much more complex than that.

Let’s get more into detail, shall we?

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Can Pregnant Women Drink Ensure?

Pregnancy is a challenging but very exciting situation in a woman’s life. The anticipation of finally holding your little one gives you something to look forward to. But at the same time, you need to make sure all the conditions are right for your baby’s proper development.

Your body needs nourishment throughout this stage in your life. Most importantly, the food you eat should facilitate your child’s growth. This is why many moms decide to “eat for two” and make sure they get enough calories in. There are also those who resort to drinking supplements, and one of the popular ones is Ensure.

The question is, can pregnant women drink Ensure?

Or are they better off without it?

We explore the benefits and potential considerations before drinking this supplement.

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6 Easy Ways on How to Make Your Baby Move in Your Tummy

Pregnant moms like the feeling of having their baby move while in their tummy. Nothing can give them much excitement than experiencing that very first kick of their child. There is something so magical about the movement their baby makes.

But the question is, how can you make your baby move?

You want to feel those gentle rolls and tiny jabs of your little one as if he’s trying to communicate with you. It’s like a special language you both share.

Here, we’ll go one by one the different ways to make your precious child move in your tummy, so you can get those kicks and jabs on command.

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A Baby with Big Nose on Ultrasound – Is This Normal?

So you have your ultrasound done, and you’re wondering - a baby with big nose appeared on the screen. Is this for real?!!

Don’t worry, moms and dads. If you happened to see your baby has a big nose that doesn’t look like yours at all, this is nothing to be worried about.

Babies don’t stay the way they are from the monthly scan and as the days go by. That’s a fact.

So keep reading to discover the facts about this topic and walk away with the assurance that your baby will be the darling you envision her to be.

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