How Many Diapers a Day Does a Baby Use? Find Out The Answer Here

Diapers are one of the necessities of a newborn. The rise in the demands of diapers has led manufacturers to come up with better quality products each time. As a matter of fact, together with milk, diapers are among the first purchases made in the supermarket.

However, I never realized diapers could be costly because of the number of diapers typically used in a day. Have you ever wondered just how many diapers a day does a baby use? Read on to find out.


How Many Diapers A Day Does A Baby Use?

The number of diapers a day a baby uses vary depending on how many times your baby poop and pee. The New Kids Health claims that newborn infants can use about ten to twelve diapers a day, particularly during their first month. Your newborn baby can have around four wet diapers and at times six.

On the other hand, you will likely change your child’s poop diapers at least three to four times. But as your little one gets older, the number of diapers used will also decrease to approximately eight diapers per day.

Why Do Newborns Use More Diapers?

Newborn babies rely on breast milk for food. Breast milk is easily digestible compared to formula milk. Hence, the excretion is also more frequent. The more common the baby poops, the greater the frequency allotted for changing diapers. When your newborn pees, changing of wet diapers is also encouraged to prevent allergies or infections. 

As your baby turns a month old or gets older, their feeding routines also change. I observed this situation when I was visiting my friend who just gave birth. Although most of the time her newborn napped, it only took less than an hour and her baby was wide awake again. And for each time the baby was awake, she also fed him with breast milk. After few minutes, her baby started to poop, and it was diaper changing time again.

Such situation went on this way for the whole four hours that I was there. When her baby turned a month old, she shared with me how the diaper changing time had changed. From 10 to 12 diapers a day, after a month, diaper changing time decreased to about 8 to 9. How? Well, my friend noticed that when she switched from breast milk to formula, her son’s poop became a little more solid and less frequent.

Diapers are costly. Are there alternatives?

I completely understand how expensive diapers can be. Let’s do a little Math. One disposable diaper costs $0.20. If you use 10 to 12 diapers a day, that is equivalent to $2 to $2.4, respectively. In a month, you will be spending somewhere between $60 and $72 for diapers.

If the cost of diapers bothers you, try using reusable diapers for your little one. Reusable diapers are made of cotton cloth and are utilized by a lot of mothers in India. These diapers are triangular with strings attached for easy tying.

Reusable diapers are extremely hygienic and healthy as long as they are washed carefully using warm water and disinfectants. If you still find it difficult to wash, dip the cotton cloth in water with the detergent solution or place them in a washing machine. Reusable diapers should be disposed of after extended use.

Do I have to change my baby’s diapers often?

The answer is YES. Diapers have to be changed once you see poop in there. Bacteria and urine can result in rashes which are often challenging and painful to manage. Always change your baby’s diaper when they are soiled or before feedings. Changing your child’s diaper at night while they are fast asleep would not be a good idea.

Typically, newborns’ diapers are wet every one to three hours, and they excrete wastes randomly during the 24-hour period. Expect soiled diapers during or after feeding as this pushes the bowels to be excreted. With wet diapers, constant monitoring is essential because often, when you are using disposable absorbent diapers, it can be tough to determine if they are wet or not.

Final Words

How many diapers a day does a baby use is a kind of question that will have varied answers. Considering factors such as the frequency of feeding, what is being fed, etc. will determine how many times your baby pee or poop. Constant monitoring of the diaper will ensure that your baby stays protected and free from possible infection or skin irritation.

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