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So you want to buy the best toddler shoes for your little one?

If you are in the market for the right pair that will fit your child, you may find it overwhelming to choose from numerous options out there. It is not all about aesthetics and style but also function.

The question is, how do you find the best shoes for your toddler? And what are some good choices to consider?

We answer these questions in this post as we present to you a buyer’s guide and a review of the top-selling best toddler shoes in stores today.


What to Look for in the Best Toddler Shoes

When you need to buy the perfect toddler shoes for your child, be sure to follow this guide that will lead you to your great options.

Measurement is everything

Fortunately, buying toddler shoes online is no longer a problem. You can find hundreds of great choices on the internet, which makes shopping online fun.

But before you make a purchase, make it a point that you check the measurement carefully. Products sold online include information on the sizes and specifications that should come in handy when you need to buy the perfect shoes for your child.

Take a look at the width and length, as well as the reviews provided by actual customers who have purchased these items. This will help you decide if the shoe is indeed perfect for your little one or would end up being too small or too big on her.

Trends aren’t always reliable

This, of course, depends on the style of the shoe and the kind of climate you are in. For instance, boots may look adorable on your little one’s feet, but it’s too hot during the summer. If you need toddler shoes during the cooler season, this kind of shoe should be fine, though.

Also, it is important to consider what you need the shoes for. Is it for your child who is still figuring out how to walk? Is it going to be a running shoe? Or is it just some new kicks you want for her when you go to the mall?

Pay attention to the purpose you have in mind as you go shoe shopping. You want to make sure that the shoes do offer the support your child needs in her feet. The same holds true when the shoe is for walking practice, which should be supportive and comfortable at the same time.

Check the material

The shoe material impacts the comfort and ease of your child. When you need something that is for walking, the shoe must be comfortable and supportive. You can find shoes made of leather, plastic, rubber, cloth, or canvas. Which among these is the best?

A breathable pair of shoes may be made of those materials but you also need to make sure they are flexible. The last thing you want is to buy toddler shoes that are too stiff and too hard. Bend the shoe first to check if it is indeed flexible.

Anti-slip is best

Your child’s shoes have an impact on her safety. You can never be too sure of the flooring material she steps on and there are slick and slippery floors while others have more grip. This is why you need to check the soles of the shoe.

No matter what happens, stay away from slick and smooth treads. These are most likely to cause your child to slide and fall. But don’t go to extremes and choose shoes with very deep grooves.

Sure, grooves can offer some traction. But if these are much too deep, they can catch on various objects such as the sidewalk’s or a rug’s edge. When this happens, your little tyke may trip and fall.

A good tread design that is solid and not too deep should work. You can also check the product descriptions as most often, this information is indicated in the item in question.

No to hand-me-downs

While it may be a good way to save money, hand-me-down shoes may pose some problems. For instance, if the shoes are worn out, you may regret having to buy these if they no longer have a good tread.

Since it is for your little one, you should go ahead and be more picky about what to buy. Take your time when purchasing this item to prevent any regret that may only cause you disappointment and frustration in the end.

Reviews of the Best Toddler Shoes

We have gathered this list of the best toddler shoes with cool features and some limitations of each. Check them out and take your pick from these smooth, versatile, and supportive toddler shoes below.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Saucony Baby Jazz Sneaker

Have a look at these great quality sneakers from Saucony. This brand is known for its reputation of providing the most comfortable fit for shoes. The overall feel and design are second to none, and you can expect nothing but the best from a Saucony shoe.

We think that this brand is not an exception. It has been praised for its elegant quality and supportive feature to make sure your toddler will not have a difficult time walking in these shoes.

What we like about this sneaker is the overall design it has. The cushioning system is superb, and the soles are stable and grippy. The material is made of synthetic material, and there is a hook and loop design for the closure. This low profile toddler sneaker is protective and good-looking without a doubt.

Taking the shoes on and off is a breeze. But you can be sure that they stay on because of the velcro material for the tab. With a lightweight material, this footwear is great for active play.

On the other hand, the toe area is not quite reinforced. The shoe is also lightweight, so it will not add heft or bulk when your child wears them.

2. ikiki Toddler Squeaky Shoes

Made of synthetic materials and fabric, this is a fine sneaker to buy for toddlers. The squeaker is activated each time you step and adjust the switch. We also love the breathable and soft materials it comes with without causing your child to feel hot in her feet.

The sole is grippy and soft, and you will also love that there are different colors for the sole. With breathable material, this pair is definitely great for your feet. And yes, who would not like the squeaking sound that it makes?

But speaking of squeaks… It is best to exercise caution when buying this toddler shoe if you plan on having your child wear it in an area where there are lots of dogs. Some dogs are attracted to the sound, which may cause unwarranted attention to them.

Other than that, we think these shoes are perfect for your little one because of how soft, comfortable and supportive they are.

3. Native Jefferson Sneaker

If you prefer a kind of footwear that is easy for your child to put on and off, this sneaker is a good choice to consider. We like how durable these sneakers are, which are from a brand that has been known for making quality shoes.

The shoes are crafted from injection-molded and lightweight EVA shoes. The material is odor-resistant and washable, so cleaning these shoes should be very easy. They are also waterproof, so there should be no worries even if it rains or the shoes get wet.

As for the soles, these are made of rubber. The bottom of the shoe is slip-resistant, so you can be sure that your little one is protected from slips and falls. With footbed molds made of EVA, this part of the shoe is absolutely comfortable and soft.

There is no doubt that these shoes are excellent when it comes to style and fit. However, we think that tends to be a bit of the small-ish side. So you might want to size up to get the perfect fit you want for your child. Other than that, everything else about these shoes is amazing!

4. Crocs Kid's Clog

Now, who would not love these classic clogs that Crocs has to offer? They are perfect for adults and equally great for kids. With their lightweight quality, your toddler should have an easy time walking in these clogs without a problem.

There are ventilation cut-outs located all around the shoe, so there should be no issue when it comes to draining water out or getting debris out of the shoe. The heel straps offer security and a snug fit. There are also non-marking and grippy soles, which are perfect for ensuring safety.

About the size, we can say that this can fit your child for years to come. There is a strap that makes it possible for the shoe to fit feet that are a bit smaller than the designated size. This is why it can be worn for several years.

We also think that if your child has chubby feet, these Crocs clogs should never be an issue. In fact, kids are better off with these clogs if they have a wider fit instead of wearing flipflops.

Functionality-wise, these clogs are outstanding. They are a breeze to put on and cleaning them up is a quick and easy process. We also like how durable these are, no matter how tough the abuse they go through from your child!

But the style may be too plain for some parents. There are some more stylish shoes out there, so if that is important to you, these clogs may just be too boring. But if what you look for are functionality and ease, we highly recommend these clogs by Crocs for your little one.

5. Keds Daphne Sneaker with T-Strap

Keds has become synonymous with style and comfort in one. This is why if what you prefer is a comfortable and fashionable pair of shoes for your child, you can never go wrong with Keds. And yes, these sneakers are not an exception to that!

The Daphne is just so sweet and stylish. It comes with a hook and loop system for the closure, and well as a T-strap to keep the shoe snug and tight. There is a padded collar for optimum support and this cushions your child’s every step.

The material used for the upper is leather, making it easy to clean and highly durable. The footbed has memory foam for ease and comfort. As for the soles, these are quite grippy and nonslip to protect your child from accidents due to falls, slips, and trips.

As far as the material goes, we can honestly say these shoes are lovely. We love the white color, which gives the shoes that dainty look. The leather material also seems to be of premium quality that adds to the overall appeal of the shoe.

However, we do think that the shoe is slightly narrow. So if your child has wider feet, these sneakers might be a bit too tight on her. You might want to size up as that can give you a better chance of getting a good pair that is not too tight on her.

Final Words on Best Toddler Shoes Buying Tips

It may seem very tricky to buy a good pair of shoes for toddlers with so many choices available.

There are simply so many designs, colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. And when it comes to buying shoes for your little one, you only want what’s best for her.

This is why we hope you have read carefully the shopping guide and recommended products we have prepared for you today. We hope that now, you have a better idea of where to begin your search to lead you to that product you need.

So please feel free to compare the different features, limitations, and important considerations we have outlined in this guide. By doing so, you should be able to make a great purchasing decision that is truly worth your money.

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