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Ensuring the health and welfare of our newly-born baby is the first thing that any mother would do. There are a lot of things to do that such as having a comfortable crib for them to lie down, or perhaps cloth them with the most comfortable kind of fabric in town.

But these aren’t the most important. Breast milk should always be your baby’s number one priority. It is what strengthens and nourishes them. However, there are times when you can’t breastfeed your baby. So what to do when this happens? Well, get a breast pump!


Do You Really Need a Breast Pump?


1. Baby's Need Milk

The answer to that is yes. But why? Well, the first reason has to do something with your baby’s need. All babies need milk, specifically breast milk, for them to grow and survive. Breast milk is rich in calcium and a variety of vitamins and minerals, all crucial to their health. In having a breast pump, you are ensuring that your baby gets a sufficient supply of breast milk. When this happens, their growth speeds up, and the development of their bones and muscles are done properly.

2. Health Reasons

It's not just your baby that benefits from it, but you yourself as well. There have been a lot of studies where it's proven that breastfeeding protects you from different types of cancer, such as breast cancer.

This happens because breastfeeding is a natural mechanism that protects you from these diseases from happening. If you also happen to be a gravimeter woman, you'll find a breast pump useful. It makes your child's latching process easier.

3. Drink Milk Anywhere

Your baby can drink your breast milk anywhere and anytime when you use a breast pump. In having a breast pump, you simply have to use it to obtain milk directly from your breast. It then stores the milk which you can put on a bottle for your baby to drink later. This comes in handy especially if you leave your house for work.

It’s also very useful for parents who leave their baby to a nanny or a child day care facility. Your baby doesn't need to drink from someone else's breast because they've got your breast milk stored in a bottle.

4. Natural Contraception

This benefit comes as a surprise to most mothers because it's also proven that breastfeeding is a form of natural contraception. And when you have a breast pump, you're also like breastfeeding. This happens because you cannot conceive if you're still lactating. So if you're on birth control and you aren't yet ready to be pregnant, then a simple breastfeed or use of breast pump will do the job.

How To Choose The Best Breast Pump?



The first thing you should do when choosing a breast pump is to know your purpose. Why do you want to use a breast pump? Is your schedule busy and you don’t have time to breastfeed your baby? It's in answering questions like these that you'll know if you really need one.

It’s because if you’ve got a lot of time to feed milk directly to your baby, then there’s no point in using a breast pump. But it might also be that you don’t lactate that much, that’s why you need one. Whichever the case is, just be sure to know the purpose first.

Usage Time Interval

Know how many times you are going to use a breast pump per day. It’s in knowing the frequency of use that you can get the right breast pump for you. If you’re going to pump multiple times in a day, then better get a lightweight double pump as this is more portable. And you can bring it with you wherever you go. On the other hand, if you’re going to use it seldomly, then you can get a heavy-duty breast pump.


Place of Usage

Also, see to it that you'll get a breast pump that will complement the place where you'll be using it. If you’re going to bring it with you at work, then consider getting a small and quiet breast pump. Choose one that’s battery operated as these silently work. You can even get a breast pump that has an AC adapter so you can use it on your car’s cigarette lighter.


The size of the breast shield is also an important thing to consider. It's because this is where the placement and efficiency of the machine rely on. The proper placement should place your nipple at the center of the breast shield. This machine operates using a vacuum lock mechanism, which is why your entire breast should be in direct contact with the breast shield. Your nipple should also move freely when the pumping process starts. If it doesn’t move or it doesn’t rub, then choose a bigger sized breast pump.


Take note of the price. Make sure that it’s not overly priced. Remember that not all expensive breast pumps are of high quality. And not all affordable breast pumps have cheap quality. Too be safe, choose one that’s in the mid-price range.

Top 5 Best Breast Pumps

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump


The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump is a highly recommended product because of its efficient double-electric mechanism. It’s through this that it gently stimulates your breasts, making it easier to acquire milk from it. If you’re the kind of mother who pumps a lot of times per day, then this one’s for you.

This is a portable and quiet one that'll not annoy you while pumping. It's a 120 VAC and comes with a 60 Hz transformer. This also has its own built-in bottle holders that help you avoid spills. Its battery pack lets you pump anywhere or anytime you like, making this the perfect breast pump for mothers who are always on-the-go. Its remover cooler bag also comes with a big plus. They can hold up to four milk bottles.


  • It’s a very comfortable breast pump to use because of its soft and gentle mechanism It doesn’t hurt your breast or nipples. That’s how nice this is to use.
  • The quality this one has is beyond expectation. It’s a pretty good breast pump because it works well. Its surface feels smooth, making it very nice to touch. You’ll know this one’s a premium product the first time you touch it.


  • It might have some leaking issues, especially if you don’t know the proper way of using it.
  • The controls are also a bit confusing. But you’ll get the hang of it through time. Just keep using it so you’ll know the controls.

2. Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump


The Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump is what you need if you'd like the one that enables you to have a comfortable position when pumping. This is because of its unique design that's specifically made to ensure your utmost comfort beyond anything else. It features a soft massaging cushion that stimulates the flow of milk from your breast in the gentlest way possible. 

You have full control over this one as you’ve got three settings to choose from. These are the low, medium, and high settings. But you can only use these when you’ve started on the gentle stimulation mode. You also have the option to buy separately the 19.5mm and 25mm cushion add-ons. And it’s BPA-free too, so you don’t have to worry about anything  with this one.


  • It can pump out a lot of milk without any pain. It’s very comfortable to use because it does the auction process in a very gentle manner.
  • It pumps out milk in a very fast way. But even though it does it fast, you still won’t feel any pain. This is just another way of saying that it does its job efficiently.


  • There are times that it might not fit properly, especially if you’ve got bigger than average breasts. Before buying this one, be sure that it’s the right fit.
  • It’s not the best when it comes to durability as its body can easily get scratches. You need to be extra careful when using this one. Put it inside the container whenever you’re not using it.

3. QQcute Single Electric Breast Pump


The Qqcute Single Electric Breast Pump is one of the most advanced breast pumps in the market as it runs on Philip’s motor and pumping technology. It’s with this that it can provide a powerful suction in the most comfortable way possible. This also helps it have a longer service life because of its efficient mechanism. It’s BPA-free and approved by the FDA, a proof of the pump’s premium quality.

This provides an anti-backflow protection thanks to its closed system. This means that won’t come in contact with the base unit and tubing. If you want a quiet breast pump, then you’ll surely like this one because it’s an automatic electric breast pump. What’s great about this one is its massage and suction mode. There are three massage options and nine suction levels to choose from.


  • It has a good suction process because it's gentle and does it smoothly.
  • This one’s very easy to use because of the controls and design. You won’t have any problem configuring its settings even if it’s your first time using one.


  • It produces a loud sound when you use it. You might find it annoying.
  • Though it might be generally gentle, it isn’t very consistent. There are times when its intensity strengthens.

4. Uppel Electric Breast Pump


The Uppel Electric Breast Pump is another one we'd highly recommend to you. This one features a petal-style massage pad that provides a gentle and stimulating massage. This makes the flow of breast milk smooth and painless. This also boasts its user-friendly design that prevents your breasts from dropping. It also assures that you won't have any sore nipples. 

You have four phase expressions to choose from that perfectly goes with its unique motor suspension system. This makes it a very quiet breast pump. It only weighs three pounds, which is very light. And this one’s made from Food Grade Silicone, a proof of how durable this breast pump is. It’s BPA-free and is certified by the FDA. It’s easy to use too thanks to its hygienic design.


  • It’s a very durable product. The material it’s made of and the feeling you get lets you know that this is a premium breast pump.
  • This one is very effective in acquiring milk from your breasts.
  • It does its job in a very comfortable and silent way. It relaxes you.


  • The design is a bit off.


So which one’s the best? Well, to get the right pick, you need to consider three aspects. These are performance, comfort, and durability. In taking note of those three things, we’ve found out that the Uppel Electric Breast Pump aced in those categories.

And with this, there’s no doubt this one’s the best breast pump you can get. Not only does it work great, but it’s also a cost-efficient product. So what are you waiting for? Get this one now!

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