13 Important Things Have to Pack in a Diaper Bag

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When I was taking care of my kids as a baby, it was very uncomfortable to carry a baby with me because I always had to bring a lot of things with. I pack it all important things in a bag and carry whenever I go out with my baby.

What to pack in a diaper bag? Well, that's what I'll show you now. I have compiled the 13 important things that need to pack inside a diaper bag.


1. Foldable Changing Pad

One of the most important things you need to pack in a diaper bag is a foldable changing pad. This is very important because this is where you're going to let your baby lie. You surely don't want just to lay them on any surface when you're changing their diaper. You want them to lie on a soft and smooth surface where they'll feel comfortable.

It's one way of making sure that your baby won't be in contact with microbes that germs that might be present on any surface. Choose a foldable changing pad that has a water-resistant feature. This makes it easier for you to clean up if things go messy.

2. Box of Wipes

Bring with you a box of wipes whenever you bring your baby with you. Putting it in your diaper bag assures you that you'll have something to use to clean up your baby. You can use this if your baby throws up or has his clothes stained with food.

Wipes are moist with a sanitizer-like solution. This makes it a quick way to keep your baby's hands clean. This is very important, especially that your baby would always use his mouth to play with his hands. You can also use this to wipe clean your baby's bottom every after they poop.

3. Receiving Blanket

A receiving blanket comes in handy whenever you want to put your baby in for a quick nap. And it isn’t only about making them rest and sleep, but also insulating them if ever the temperature is cold.

Aside from that, a receiving blanket gives them a soft and smooth cushion when you carry them around. This prevents cuts or bruises if ever you’re wearing a sharp object.

4. Set of Clothes

You'll never know what will happen in the days to come. It might be that your baby poops without his diaper on. Or your baby suddenly burp vomits into his shirt. When this happens, you need to change their clothes as soon as possible.

By having a set of clothes tucked up in your diaper bag, you can easily clean up their mess quickly. Always have an extra set of baby clothes so that your baby will have something to wear if he gets into any of these unfortunate (but cute) scenarios!

5. Diapers

Of course, you’re going to need diapers. After all, that’s what diaper bags are named for, right? Always bring with you more than four diapers. But it still depends on your baby’s bowel movement. Bring more if your baby poops more frequently.

The number of diapers to bring with you will also increase depending on the time you’ll be out of the house. Take note that younger babies are more frequent in pooping compared to older babies.

6. Bottles

Bottles are another necessity to pack inside your diaper bag. If your baby is breastfeeding from you, you can place your expressed breast milk inside the bottles. But be sure also to place it in a mini cooler so that it will stay fresh.

On the other hand, if your baby drinks formula milk, then bring a bottle containing dry formula powder in it. This way, you'll save up space inside your diaper bag because you don't have to bring a can of milk formula powder with you.

7. Favorite Toy

Babies love cute and colorful things. It takes their boredom away, and it makes them laugh and become happier. One way to let them experience that is by bringing with them their favorite toy. Pack it inside your diaper bag so that wherever you go, you always have that something you can let them play with. This is very important, especially that babies cry frequently.

According to studies, one of the best ways to stop your baby from crying is by letting them play with an object they’re familiar with. It might be a doll, a robot action-figure, or a mirrored device. Whichever it is, there’s no doubt that they’ll giggle when you hand it over to them.

Just be sure that it doesn't pose any hazard to them. It shouldn't have removable parts that they might swallow. It should also not have any sharp sides or pointed edges so that they won't accidentally poke their eyes or get cuts and bruises. 

8. Bib

A bib is another handy must-have in your diaper bag. It’s great when it comes to catching spits. It also keeps your baby’s shirt clean and dry, especially that babies always drool when they’re teething.

There are a lot of bib types you can choose from. There are hook-and-loop bibs, tie bibs, and shirts that have bib necklines. Whichever you choose, there’s no doubt that it will keep them clean at all times.

9. Sun Hat

It’s important for you to make sure that your baby isn’t exposed to too much heat as this can lead to heat stroke. The baby’s body isn’t still fully developed that’s why they’re still very fragile. With the help of a sun hat, you’re making sure that they’re protected from the harsh heat of the sun.

Also be extra careful if your baby doesn’t have any hair yet, or if they’re too fair-skinned. Fair-skinned babies are more sensitive to the sun’s heat than babies that have dark skin.

10. Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are another must-bring wherever you go with your baby. It’s a lightweight rag that you’re going to put on your shoulder to absorb the drools and mini-vomits of your burping baby.

Aside from that, burp cloths are also useful for other purposes, such as wiping their faces or cleaning up their spits. Cloth diapers (they’re not for diapering) would also do the trick. These are absorbent, soft, and also work like burp cloths.

11. Pacifiers

Then there are the pacifiers, which is another vital thing to always have in your diaper bag. It’s what calms down your baby and pacifies them. In fact, that’s just the reason why they’re named pacifiers — they’re for pacifying your baby down!

Always bring one or if possible two with you. However, you need to make sure that it doesn't have any cracks. Also, see to it that it's clean and sanitized. You want your baby to suck on a clean and soft pacifier. Aside from those things, these pacifiers also help your baby's teething process.

12. Biodegradable Bags

Chances are, is that your baby will poop every once in a while, and you can’t control it. When this happens, they’re likely going to spoil their diapers, or even their blankets or clothes. What do you do when this happens? Well, you need a biodegradable bag. Always bring with you two or even three of it.

But be cautious because these can suffocate your baby if they accidentally play with them. Keep it out of reach of your baby. Place it in a ziplock bag that has a built-in zipper lock to be sure that your baby can't play with it if they happen to reach and grab it.

13. Emergency information

Then again, you'll never know what will happen to you. Even though we don't want to be caught in any trouble, it's important that we prepare for it. As what people say, expect the unexpected.

That's why you always need to have an emergency information card in your diaper bag. It's where all the contact numbers of the doctor, emergency crew, police, and other important contact are placed on. This way, you can easily call for help when worse comes to worst.

Take our advice with a grain of salt, as this not only ensures that you give the best care for your baby, but it also makes you a more responsible mother. Indeed, a diaper bag becomes a very useful tool especially if you know the right things to place inside it.

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