Great Ideas on What to Write in a New Baby Card – And More Tips!

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Your best friend just had a baby, and you’re wondering what to write in a new baby card to give to her.

If you’re not quite set on scribbling the usual “congrats!”, then stick around - we’ve got great ideas for you on what you can write in that newborn card.

Whether you’re thinking of giving a card to a close friend, a colleague at work, or a family member who recently gave birth, our recommended messages should be perfect.

All you need to do is to simply copy these ideas and feel great knowing you just gave them a heartwarming, suitable message for the occasion!

So let’s get to it and take a look at these cute notes for a new baby card that you’d definitely want to share with the ecstatic new moms and dads.


What to Write in a New Baby Card - For Family Members and Friends

It’s a tad easier to write in a new baby card if you’re giving this to someone close to you than when it’s to a stranger. Or a colleague at work.

But at the same time, composing a message can put you in that dreaded situation of staring at a blank piece of paper, unsure of what to write.

If this is you, then the following messages should come in handy and let you quickly write something in that card:

  • Your “Me” time may come to a close too quickly… But it’s all worth it. Enjoy every single moment with your bundle of joy!
  • Kids grow up too quickly, so make every second count with your baby. Much love to you and your family.
  • The moment I heard about the news, I just wanted to be right there with you and see the new addition to the family. Can’t wait to cuddle the cutie soon!
  • “Love you forever, love you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be” - Love You Forever (book).
  • You’ve watched your tummy grow and now, you’ll see her/him become the beautiful person she/he is.
  • How can something so small occupy a huge space in your heart? Now your heart is fuller than ever!

For a Colleague - Ideas on What to Write in a New Baby Card

Did your boss or colleague at work just give birth? That’s definitely something worth celebrating!

Give a nice card with any of the following messages to express your care and thoughtfulness to the new parents.

  • Your family is getting bigger - so happy for you!
  • Welcome (baby’s name) to the world!
  • Congratulations on this very special day for the family!
  • Sending loads of hugs to the happy mama, papa, and baby.
  • Such wonderful news! So happy for you and your newest family member’s arrival!
  • This is the moment you’ve been waiting for - cherish every single second. Congrats!

Keep your messages short, sweet, and simple. No bad jokes or some nasty remarks that are definitely uncalled for. It’s the time to celebrate, after all!

Difficult Birth - What to Write in a New Card

Not all births end up to be very easy and stress-free.

There are some moms who go through a difficult birth, and perhaps even the baby need to stay for a bit in the hospital for special care.

If you know someone who’s in this situation, yet you want to show your support by giving a thoughtful card, here are some ideas on what you can write:

  • So glad to know that you and your little one are getting better. It won’t be long until it’s time to come home and show her/him the lovely home and lovelier people in it. 🙂
  • Prayers of a speedy recovery to (baby’s name). Can’t wait to give the cutie a cuddle soon!
  • Thinking of you and your loved ones. We’re optimistic that your little one will get better and come home with you soon.
  • Difficult times will end sooner than you think. Next thing you know, you’re driving home with your bundle of joy and ready to test out the new crib!

Whatever you write, be sure to keep the tone positive, light, and empathetic at the same time. 

Your goal is to give a morale boost, kind support through the kind words you write in the card.

Even if you’re aware of the situation, don’t even try to include in your message something specific about the baby’s situation. It will only send awkward feelings that may not even go well to the recipient of the card.

So just keep it simple and short, but be sure it’s got a lot of heart in your message. Let your love come through the words you write in the card.

Thoughtful Messages to Write in a New Baby Card

Do you like to say more than the usual “congratulations” in your new baby card?

That’s good, too, if you have plenty of thoughtful words to write in there.

Or perhaps, you’re a seasoned mom who wants to impart some knowledge to the new mom.

But again, always stick to a positive tone. You need to encourage the new parent with your compassionate, kind, and optimistic messages. 

Some suggested words to put in that newborn card include:

  • This is such a wonderful new chapter in your life - enjoy every single moment!
  • Wishing you so many beautiful things with your growing family. Just letting you know that I’m here if you need anything.
  • Hugs and kisses to the new mama and her little one. Love you!

Keep it light, happy, and loving. This is the kind of message that every new mom wants to hear from you. 

Choose the Perfect Card and Pair it Off with the Sweetest Message

So what is the best card to get for a new mom?

It’s always best to play it safe and go for something sweet and sentimental. If you like it to be on the humorous side, just keep it simple without any insulting words in the cover of the card.

But if you are buying a card to someone whom you do not know too well, a pre-printed kind of a card is the best way to go. You can never go wrong with a card that comes with a generic message in the front.

Go ahead and use these sample messages on what to write in a new baby card and express your love and joy for this special event in a new parents’ life!

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